Not just for Sundays

Not just for Sundays

I have had a day off work today and because of this I have finally got round to fitting a few of the bits of bling I bought for the Triple.  It is now sporting a lovely new carbon fiber hugger and some rather yummy new indicators….which might have to come off again because I have just ordered some new radiator guards and they will need adjusting to fit.   At some point in time I will also have to go around and replace all the rusty banjo bolts on the brakes for some nice new stainless ones and then I have a new engine cover to replace on that has suffered in the past from bad weather and salty roads. 

Looking at that paragraph above it brings home to me that bikes are not just for riding on a Sunday to the bar. They are so much more than that but let’s start with Sundays.   The bar is a good place to go, never let it be said that I would turn my nose up at visiting the bar, but there are other bars in other places that might be worth visiting, or there are different ways of getting to your favorite bar.  Why not get up early and go for the longest,  funnest, most scenic route you can, as a way to getting there? Grab some mates, take in another bar on the way, they are not possessive you know!

Or you could follow in the footsteps of Steve McQueen, and let’s be honest that is a pretty good recommendation. Just watch the film, On any Sunday, and you will get an idea of what his life was like, the one he wanted, not the one as the movie star.  The great thing is for most of us the possibility of some sort of motorsport is there.  Ok, I can’t go desert racing, a lack of deserts in France sees to that, but I can go trail riding, or even trial riding.   Trials are not all about being Dougie Lampkin and making your bike leap vertically onto an upturned barrel or whatever. In its purest form it was all about riding to a special stage, possibly a particularly rocky one, or maybe muddy or otherwise difficult to ride and then trying to complete it without putting your feet down.  Then off you go to find the next stage. 

Of course there are also track days, but so much is written about them I will wait until I go on my next one to add to the literature.  How about a treasure hunt or poker run? They are often organized by clubs and a great way to discover different parts of your country. 

Then there is what I have just been doing, tinkering with your bike and making it your own. Learning all about it, and learning how to make it better…and then there is just riding it, going out and pointing the front wheel towards the horizon and seeing what is out there.

The best thing is however that none o f the above have to be done on a Sunday, you can do them anytime you have an hour or two to spare….bikes are a commitment and if you think they are only for Sundays then you are wrong.

Stay safe


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