Hello all

Another month is just about over, spring has sprung and the birds and the bees are doing things that cause your kids to ask you awkward questions, if you have kids that is, otherwise it might just be some of your stranger friends doing it!

Those in charge at Motominds have suggested that maybe once a month I should write a post about what I am most proud of doing in the month.  It was pointed out that this relied on me actually doing something note worthy, which isn’t always the case, according to my better half anyway.  However not being one to say no to a chance of blowing my own trumpet or having a chance to claim some bragging rights I accepted the challenge and now with the end of the month upon me here is what I am most proud of doing, this month…….

Nothing, not a thing, and yes I mean it I am proud of it! Well technically not nothing, what I mean is I am proud of the fact that I have had nothing out of the ordinary to accomplish because everything was prepared, planned for or avoided with just a little thought. 

Take for example the other day. I opened the gate, wheeled the bike out onto a slightly sloping gravel drive, parked it up and turned to go back and shut the gate. However something told me that I hadn’t parked it properly and so I turned round and checked the kick stand.  It was down well but it was also resting on a stone that might have rolled forward and caused the bike to fall.  A little kick with the boot and the stone departed and the bike happily sat there on two wheels, doing nothing.

Or the fact that I had a puncture, normally really annoying but the week before I had bought a new tubeless tire repair kit and it wasn’t even sitting in the garage at home, no it was in my bag ready and waiting to be of use. Ten minutes later I was back on the road again. Rarely has something delivered so well on what it says on the packet. It was quick, easy and efficient, and I would recommend anyone to buy one over those horrible foam aerosol thingies which every tire fitter detests.

And of course it must be mentioned that every trip out to an establishment that sells beer has been arranged in such a way that I have had no choice but to accept the offer of someone else driving me home. Sometimes, just sometimes, doing nothing is a great way to be….

Now I wrote that yesterday, and what do they say about pride going before a fall? Yesterday has been and gone and today on my way into work my right hand side foot peg mount snapped clean off, no reason why as far as I can see, I wasn’t even scraping the peg although maybe past occurrences of this could be blamed, possibly. Anyway this meant I had to ride about 40 miles without a right hand peg, leg hanging in the wind, not the best way to enjoy a spring day. Then to add insult to injury I arrive home and my fork seals have started leaking, why now? The only vaguely logical reason I can think of is that possibly the weird seating position I was using  shifted the weight around and added to that the heavier use of the front brakes caused them to fail….but still, it is a bit much isn’t it?

Of course all this means my month of doing nothing is now at an end. Next month I will tell you how proud I am of finding a foot peg hanger for free…hopefully!

Stay safe


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