Objects of desire part 3

Objects of desire part 3

I love browsing the internet and to find things that I would like to own. Things that are possibly beyond my spending range or at least the spending range I can get away with before the wife notices! Of course there is always the chance that you might just luck into some spare money, win the lottery or just get brave enough to risk the wrath of her who should be obeyed.  However, it is getting towards that time again, that time when a fat man in a red suit brings presents to those of us who have been really good all year. With this in mind I have started putting together my list to go in a letter to Santa…otherwise known as objects of desire, part 3

I always think motorcycle helmets are a bit boring. For me they are essential equipment, but couldn’t they make them just a little more interesting?  I know it is not really practical but I love this helmet and I would be seriously tempted to wear it, if it was not for the fact that if I hit the
road with it on those bits and pieces sticking out would certainly catch on something and break my neck.  So, with that in mind, the helmet I really want, and have wanted since I needed a helmet is a Simpson Bandit, preferably in matt black …..but carbon fiber would do as well, I don’t want to be too fussy!

Of course it is not all about what you wear on the bike, it is also about what you use to fix it.  I have always loved tinkering with my bikes, for me it is part of being a biker, and the one thing I have learnt is that there is no substitute for good quality tools. They make life so much easier and so much less painful.  In the world of tools you get what you pay for, and I always try to pay for Snap on tools or something equivalent, here in France, Facom.   Whenever I need a new tool I always buy one of these, it just makes sense and, if you buy one by one it is not so expensive. What I really need however is a nice big box to put them all in, and look what I found!  While we are on the subject of workshops, I would not say no to a nice hydraulic bike lift.  I am after all getting older and so I deserve a bit of comfort and practicality in my life, it is not too much to ask for is it?


And then of course there is something like this, actually this itself would do very nicely.  I have never owned a bobber , or a chop,  but I feel like it is something that needs to be rectified very soon . This bike is right in the window of what I would like to build,  it looks dangerous ,  a bit mad max, a bit easy rider and a lot BLACK…which of course is the only color for a motorcycle, and if you say different you are wrong!!

And so Father Christmas, if you are reading this, please feel free to think of me, and if you think there should be more of a selection I am sure that I will be able to add to the list in the coming weeks.  Until then……

Stay safe


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