Objects of Desire – part two

Objects of Desire – part two

I have been visiting family and club mates in England for the past few days and, as I was here over the weekend I decided to play the National Lottery. Imagine my surprise when in the pub on Saturday night I checked my telephone for the numbers and found out that I had totally failed to guess anything correctly, I hadn't even managed to get one number right. This of course was incredibly bad luck because I had already spent a large amount of it, but only in my head, my bank manager is still speaking to me.

“What would you have spent your easily won winnings on if everything had gone to plan”?

I am glad you asked, here is Objects of Desire – part two.

You might have realised by now that I love my Speed Triple but it suffers from the same problem that every motorcycle does after owning it for a few years. It is almost perfect but it is lacking just a little bit of power. Personally I think giving it about sixty more horses would transform it into a machine that could rank right up there with the best evers, but sixty is a big ask. Luckily there is a firm of tuners called TTS who work out of Silverstone in the UK and they can do just that by adding a supercharger to this already wonderful motorcycle, making it feel like, according to Motorcycle news, a party with a group of cheerleaders and throwing in Ozzy Osbourne for good measure...sounds like just the thing that my Speed Triple needs.

Of course it is not all about power, it is about using that power in a totally irresponsible fashion and that means a visit to your favourite racetrack or the hospital if you are silly enough to try it on the road too often. Now there are arguably better bikes for a track day, but off the top of my head I can not think of one, because in my head at the moment is the 1299 Panigale R. It is a bike that only exists for us to ride because Ducati has to build it so it can race it in World Superbikes. 202 hp, a chassis to dream of, exotic metals and dreamy styling, just how special do you want to feel..$35500special?

Aesthetics matter to, and if you are not mechanically and artistically gifted there are two ways you can go about finding the beautiful truth of two wheel art. You can have someone build you a one off expression of motorcycling perfection or you can buy one of the big boys expressions of it. Both have their merits but I am willing to bet that both also have their annoying faults, but they are faults that can be put up with because they are an integral part of something that is just so wonderful. Take the F4 MV Agusta, it is a dream of a bike and those under seat exhausts are gorgeous. Can you show me anyone who would swap them for a low slung exhaust just because they make you smell of burnt petrol? No I didn't think you could!

Of course there were other things I would spend my easily won gains on,some of them even possibly postable on this blog...but i'll save sharing them until the next time I am sitting in a pub dreaming of a lottery win, for now I am dreaming of a pint.

Stay safe


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