October ramblings

October ramblings

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Welcome to another of my weekly ramblings. First up this week we have the Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory. Now it has been said and here I am quoting somebody who has ridden one of these beasties “everyone should reel at the control meted out by its overwhelming suite of electronic rider aids”. He then goes on to say  “There are plenty of super-nakeds with more character or panache, but none with more devastating performance”. I am sure he knows what he is talking about but...

He goes on to complain that only a handful are sold each year and honestly I am not surprised. Most average middle to high capacity motorcycles will break the speed limit at least twice over, many of them three times over.  Their frames and suspension are far better than I or anyone riding on the road will ever get anywhere near using and you get all this for a very reasonable price.  This super naked, super star of technology is a great bike I am sure, but  it is an expensive great bike with all the character of ….well it is that girl you knew back in high school or Uni who knew that she was the bees knees, the one who would …. Oh you get the picture…. The guy  who assumed that because he was a jock he didn’t have to actually make conversation or an effort.   The writer says it lacks character and style, it is just something that is good at what it does, perfect on paper but not in reality, the dream or the nightmare.  I am sure it is great and in the hands of a god like Valantino would be 0.35 seconds quicker a lap than its rivals, but I am not Valantino and I like a bit of character, not just the latest gadget.

Now before you all get started on me I am not a left wing snowflake or a right wing neo nazi. I am mister normal bloke who reckons that yes we have to look after ourselves but also we have to find a solution to the world’s problems that doesn’t mean we all end up in body bags and not just because it is hard to change gear in one! So I think it was great when I read a story in the news about “Biking and challenging cultural stereotypes”.

In my experience I have always found that bikers are pretty tolerant of others, as long as the others don’t fuck us about. We are also generally pretty much able to work out that one person in one group is not the whole group; the asshole at the party might have decent mates. So it was interesting to find out that there are Muslim lasses trying to break the cultural stereotype by doing what they love, riding bikes. Hoda Elsoudani is a  vblogger and uses her love of  motorcycles to encourage other Muslim women to be courageous and challenge stereotypes. Doing what we love and saying “up yours” to those who want to stop us living our lives is a great motorcycling tradition and so it is great to see a Muslim lass embracing our values and doing a little bit to make the world a better place.

And on that hippy shit note I will  say “peace and love and out”!

Stay safe


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