Odds and Sods…again again!

Odds and Sods…again again!

It is that time again, when I get to surf the net and look at motorcycle related sites and get paid for it. Life is hell, I can assure you, but somebody has to do it so it might as well be me. Think of it as a sacrifice I make for you dear reader!

So this week has seen Lorenzo and Rossi finish their “interesting” partnership with Yamaha. Lorenzo bows out as World Champion and goes to join Ducati and Rossi confirms the title of GOAT with an impressive 2nd place.  I can’t wait to see what happens next year but I am not going to bet against Mr Rossi taking the title.

This weekend is the 50th birthday of the Macau GP.  It is a street race but the street resembles a circuit a lot more than say the Isle of Man.  That said it is demanding and attracts the best riders, just like the IOM. In fact you will see all the top names from there fighting it out in this Chinese season finale!

Building yourself your own custom bike with a petrol engine is so last year.  If you really want to be in with the cool kids you need to do what these guys have done and build your very own electric bike. Nightshift customs have taken the battery pack from a Nissan Leaf, put it into a Suzuki Savage frame and had it power an Enertrac hub. The output is at max 40bhp but the torque is what is amazing with electronic vehicles so it should be fun to ride.

Want to live like a legend of GrandPrix motorcycle racing? Well why not buy Barry Sheene’s old house?  It is on the market and it can be yours for a mere £2,250,000. Cheap as cheap can be and if living out a fantasy life is what you want to do here is a link to the ad


1200 cc, Carbon fiber body work and tank, V4, TT race chassis and a load of trick electronics, sound nice?  It gets even better, it is a Norton!  They claim more than 200bhp will come from their all new motor and they are talking about using this motor as the basis of the brands presence, much like Triumph with their triples and Harley with their twins. All I know is that my Christmas list just got a little bit longer….The Norton V4RR I wantssssss one!

If that is a little too expensive for Santa I would happily settle for one of these.

The bike not the girl......although....!

The new Triumph Bobber has taken the need to buy an angle grinder away and replaced it with the need to take a long ride around the south of France and down through Spain….or maybe the old Route 66 or, well anywhere where you can pose.  It is based on the T120 and it has the same torquey engine which is of course a great place to start.  If you want to look a bit different from everyone else but don’t want to go to the bother of making stuff fit, Triumph are offering 150 after market goodies to customize your ride, including ape hangers!

Oh well enough of that, I am going off to be a good boy just to make sure I get my Christmas wishes.

Stay Safe


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