Odds and Sods part 2

Odds and Sods part 2

There has been a lot going on in my life this past week or so, getting older, new jobs and unexpected sunshine and warmth. I have almost had no time to think about surfing the net in search of motorcycle based stories or ideas. I have also almost had no time to clean, fiddle or even sit still and look at my bikes, almost, but not quite.

One thing is certain though; I have had time to make the most of the Indian summer we are enjoying here in France. That might be a bit of a heartless comment to those of you in Florida awaiting the hurricane but rest assured that what goes around comes around and before too long I will be sitting in a snow drift in the car waiting for a tractor to pull me out.

When I have had time to have a bit of electronic research I have found myself heading towards this site more and more.  http://www.instructables.com  Do yourself a favor, click on the link and type motorcycles in the search area and see what you come up with.  The site is dedicated to people telling other people how to do something, or people coming up with good ideas to do something cheap or in a new and creative way.  Personally I was impressed with the article about how to clean rust out of an old tank and I will be trying it in the near future as I have an old Z1100 tank that needs a bit of love and attention.

I found this whilst browsing some of those chat rooms that I frequent…motorcycle ones, honestly! It goes without saying this guy is either pulling the piss or is a total twonk.  It is however very funny and possibly a great advert for signing up to a chat room and finding out just what you are missing. I have said it before and I will probably say it again!

You lot know I think Guy Martin is a “special” bloke, you also know that he has just been attempting to break the motorcycle land speed record on a specially built Triumph. For those of us lucky enough to have English TV this Sunday they are showing the attempt on a special program called “Speed with Guy Martin”. I am sure it will be possible to find on the net pretty soon after it is shown on TV but while you are waiting for it maybe you would like to check out his attempt at racing Pikes Peak?

Kawasaki have announced a new Z900 to replace the old Z800 in 2017. It will kick out about 125bhp and as you can see is sort of street fighter styled.  Personally though I am a little sad…nope, I am gutted because I was waiting for the retro 900 with a supercharger that I mentioned a while back. There is of course still time for this to happen, one day, perhaps, maybe or even possibly before I die……PLEASE MR KAWASAKI!






It is not much to ask for, is it?

 Talking of which it is Intermot, the International Motorcycle show in Cologne at the moment. If you look around the web you will find loads about it so I won’t recycle what they all say here…apart from that bit about the Z900 because I am so, so upset about it.  What I will do is say, when it rains and I have time to surf again, I will look through what is new from there and tell you what I like and why I think you should buy it for me. So far I think that the Street Cup from Triumph would look rather nice being ridden down the road on a sunny day by yours truly. Talking of which,

 The sun is out,

The sky is blue, 

The roads are dry,

And empty to.


Stay safe




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