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The holidays are finally over and I can finally get my leg over my loved ones.  This morning was spent getting them out of the workshop, looking at them lovingly and telling them that I would never leave them again.  Then of course I got on them and thrashed them along my favorite road and I promise you I was a happy bunny.

As you know I am in the market for a new crash helmet and I am a great believer in the ATGATT philosophy. However, as bikers we should all know that our brains are the best safety device we can get. I have watched quite a few YouTube videos of bike accidents on the road and when you look at them with a critical eye, sadly most of them are due to the guy or gal riding beyond their abilities.  I remember talking to a policeman on the Isle of Man while watching some guys wheelie up and down the street.  I asked him “Who do you decide to arrest out of that lot?”

He answered,  “ the one that falls off,  because he shouldn’t have been doing it”.

Another moment a bit like that was when, as a youngster, a couple of the old guys from the pub took me to one side and gave me a bollocking about how they had seen me riding in town the day before. They ripped into me about road awareness and generally staying alive.  Of course I thought they were old farts who would be better off train spotting, until a few weeks later our pub organized a track day and those old farts totally blew me away on bikes that were nowhere near as good as mine. After that embarrassment I started to listen a bit more and now I keep my over estimations of my ability for the track and for the pub after a few pints.  

I don’t want to some across as a killjoy, or an old fart, but I have reason for writing about this today.  On the way home yesterday, in the car full of wife and kids, sitting in slow moving traffic because of road works, a bike passed us using the lane marked off by road cones.  No worries there, I have done it myself, but he was going too fast and when he tried to cut back into our lane after clearing the cars he clipped a cone and ended up kissing the tarmac and his bike hitting the central reservation barrier. Luckily he was ok and although his bike was not so ok it did seem repairable. The point is that it was something he could easily have avoided by just realizing that he needed to slow down a touch before trying to re-enter the lane but I guess the sunshine, the buzz and the fact he wanted to look good when he pulled into our lane overwrote the  warning in his head to slow down a touch. I have been there done that and also got the embarrassing memories and scars!

 The saying goes “we all live and learn” and luckily he lived, hopefully he will learn to.

Have fun and stay safe


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