Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

I don’t know about you guys but here in Europe we are melting. Maybe it is not shocking for you but we have now had more than eight weeks with temperatures higher than 30°c, they even reckon that the absolute European record temperature might be beaten this weekend, which would put it up to 45°C.  Now I am a biker and so I won’t complain about hot, dry weather, but when it gets that hot it does throw up its own challenges. Melted tarmac is a bitch, especially when you find a patch of it leaned over pretending to be Joey Dunlop and dehydration is a real possibility, especially on a long trip when the wind is keeping you cool and sucking the water out of your body at the same time. It is times like this that I remember what my mum always told me, “ Make sure you have clean underpants on”, don’t know what the hell she meant by that but I remember it anyway.

A Harley, really?

Anyway, in moments when I have been laying down on the bed, in the dark and trying to keep cool, like now for instance, I have been browsing the net and found a couple of things to comment about. Here they are…

A Harley?...now I know I am dreaming

Harley Davidson, well, what do I say, they certainly have changed their game. If you don’t know they have announced loads of new models from cruisers, which is not surprising, to adventure bikes, which certainly is. They seem to have decided to re-invent themselves a bit which is not a bad idea as long as they keep the DNA of what made them special in the first place. For instance, a Harley sports bike doesn’t need to be the fastest thing out there, what it needs to be is a Harley. I imagine a 160mph machine with tire shredding torque and handling that takes a tough guy or gal to master…but when you have mastered it you wouldn’t have it any other way. Triumph managed to produce loads of models that people want to ride, they have that certain Triumphness to them; I hope Harley D does the same thing because their new Streetfighter looks great.

A biker..actually it is Anti Parallali check out her Vlog

I also came across an article about a female motorcyclist meeting in the UK. It seems that it is the biggest in the world and all well and good to them but do women really need their own meetings? I ask this not through any chauvinistic tendencies, the opposite in fact, for me if you ride a bike you are a biker, sex, color, nationality and politics don’t come into it. I have known and know loads of female bikers and I see them treated no different from male ones. There are those who can ride anything faster than most of us and those who are a nightmare on two wheels, just like us males. There are assholes and lifelong mates; they are no different they are equals and so I find it sort of sad that they feel they need their own meeting…

Oh well, as they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Now I am off for a cold one, or two…

Stay safe



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