Out and about on the internet

Out and about on the internet

Things are on the up, been out on the bike and come back dry at least 3 times this week. Hell before too long I will have the balls to actually believe the weather forecast and leave the waterproofs at home.  That said; as I type this it is pissing it down, but seeing as it is night and I have a beer in my hand I don’t really care.  So instead of riding, watching TV or doing some work I have been surfing the web for some interesting sites and stories that you guys and girls might have missed.

First up is this:

Did you know there is a land speed record for a steam powered motorcycle?  Well if you didn’t I am here to tell you that at the moment it stands at 80.4mph but that might change very soon.  Chris Wedgwood from the Isle of man has taken a Hayabusa, thrown away the petrol engine and replaced it with a steam engine that runs on kerosene as a fuel and produces 2000psi at 950-degrees Fahrenheit. So far he has managed nearly 73mph in a run out but he is aiming to really raise the bar, stating 120mph as his goal.

That's not smoke, it's steam...he says

I never knew this…

I don’t know if this is still valid but, reading a post from back in 2011 I found out that insurance companies were refusing to insure some bikes If you were going to use them to carry a pillion passenger.  These bikes we sports and super sports style, mainly but others were included. Personally I look at pillions on sports bikes and think, “Are they contortionists or something?” but each to their own.  However it seems the insurers have decided that the extra cost of paying out for a claim from a person other than the rider was not worth their while.

 Ok, just had a bit more of a look and it seems that this is still a thing, in the UK anyway, so I would suggest that you make sure about it before you offer that cute blonde a lift or it could cost you a lot more than a few drinks and a meal.

And then there is this:

Ever heard of Banatti? Nope, me neither and I very much doubt we will hear much about them in the future. However it is good to know that there are people out there doing the weird and wonderful that makes life and motorcycling so much more interesting.  Banatti are building an electric motorcycle, whoopee doo, so is everyone else. However theirs is a little different, it is called the Green falcon and it has a bamboo body shell and a radical look.  Yes bamboo, you did hear right, evidently it is stronger and weighs less than fiberglass and since the government in the Philippines has decided that growing bamboo is a very important thing for the economy,  Meep, Banatti’s parent company decided to design and build this machine.  It is fun and cool to look at, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the chance to buy one. !

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