Photos of your bikes

Photos of your bikes

Everybody has their own style, clothes, music, food and bikes are no exception. Even if you decide to keep your bike standard and wear the leathers the way they came out of the shop it is your choice and your style and no one can tell you that you are wrong. Of course lots of people will have an opinion about what is right and what isn’t but you know what they say about opinions…don’t you?

And so, people, you were asked to submit photos of your bikes and we have chosen a few of them to post here.  I will of course make a few comments but….. I didn’t mean it, honest, the nasty men in the white coats made me do it, ok?

I could be wrong but I think this bike has been built by its owner and it has evolved and loved over the years.  One of the things I love about bikes like this are the little things that tell a story. The hefty fork brace that had to be kept to stop the flex, I am sure something more aesthetic could be found but if it works why change it. The wrap around those pipes,  I guess it must be to cut down the heat getting to the rider,  but I do wonder about that chain across the bars. Wouldn’t that get annoying having that flapping about in your face when you’re riding, or maybe it is just a handy tool there to help persuade people that they really shouldn’t cut you up on the highway?

Next up, in standard trim this looks fast, and when you add all that carbon fiber bling it looks like it is breaking every speed limit even when it is on the paddock stands. Personally I would have changed the red bits for black bits …or brushed aluminum,  that would be sexy. Judging by the huge chicken strip I guess that this bike is sporting a new set of tires, otherwise all that lovely horsepower and handling is being totally wasted!

I love this; they should have done it as a standard fitment. In fact it should be standard on all new bikes, what wouldn’t look better with blue leds fitted? My only criticism is that this photo should have been taken at night, or by me, in my back yard and it was my bike!

And finally this photo;  It is not the bike, it is the photo that I like. OK the bike is lovely and its style and form are right up my street, but it is the feelings that the photo evokes that makes is great.  It does what every great bike picture should do, it makes you want to get out there and ride….of course it would be better if it was a Triumph in the photo!!!

So there you go, please, no death threats or severed heads posted through my letter box. In reality every bike is great and every bike can make you remember that life is there for living.

Stay safe


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