Plastic fantastic

Plastic fantastic

Bikers need a lot of kit, Helmets, gloves, jackets, boots…a bike, and most of them are really expensive, if you buy the ones that actually work anyway.  However there is some equipment that bikers should have and sometimes carry with them that is not only very useful but also cheap.  One however is more than cheap; it is free, takes up no space and is so useful that you will wonder what you did without it

I have found that even the most waterproof of jackets and the most waterproof of luggage is only water proof up to a point, and that is if you actually use it correctly.  One thing however that is truly waterproof is a plastic bag, especially if you tie a knot in the end of it. Ok it is waterproof, and therefore I suggest that you put all your documents in one, before slipping them into your pockets. How about putting your mobile phone inside one? It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a waterproof case.  And then you can think outside the box, if the bags are big enough they can become liners for leaky boots, or protective gloves if you drop your keys in a pile of pooh (it has happened! ). If you have a plastic bag with you, you also have a supply of insulating material for electrical problems, and a way of transporting petrol from one bike to another, if you run out and chopping a corner off one can make a funnel for you to put the petrol into the tank without losing any.

But wait, I haven’t finished yet,  you can also use one as a seal on a screw top bottle,  just to make sure that the liquid inside the bottle doesn’t get to the outside of the bottle and all over you and your luggage.

 Safety warning here, never carry a bottle, or anything remotely hard, inside your jacket. If you fall off and land on your chest you will break ribs, and if it happens to be a bottle of tomato ketchup you might end up getting a blood transfusion you don’t need!

And that brings me to another whole load of reasons why you should carry a plastic bag or two…

You can split them into strips, twist them together and make a temporary rope to tie things together, or even onto your bike. You can use them as a patch on a tent or on your waterproof clothing; a temporary bandage or a covering membrane for a holed lung and you can sit on them to keep your ass dry on wet ground and if you are attacked by a wild animal, or somebody trying to steal your plastic bag, you can always put a rock in it and use it as a club to defend yourself!

Hmmm...perhaps not

So there you go, the plastic bag is without doubt something every motorcyclist should have under his seat or on his person…and there is another use, cover your eat to keep it dry, nothing worse than a soggy bottom!

Versatile, cheap and easy to carry, why would you leave home without some?

Stay safe


P.S If it is still in a fit state after being used for any of the above, you could always use it to carry stuff!

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