It always happens, you think you have all the bits you need to get a job done and then you realize that you are missing something small but vital.  For me, this time, it was a gasket. I contemplated re-using the old one, with the help of some instant gasket, which is perfectly ok, normally. I am however in a period of annoying little niggles happening and so I decided to do the sensible thing and buy a new one.

 Letting my fingers do the walking I found a site to buy it from and was about to click purchase when I realized that I would be spending an extra $13 on delivery and the part itself was only $10.  The next day I went down to the local bike emporium and ordered the very same piece, which is coming from the very same supplier, but without the delivery charge. It arrived this morning, probably a day quicker than if I had ordered it from the net.   The internet is not always the cheapest option, even if it is often the easiest!

Have you ever noticed how the stupidest accidents happen in the most public or embarrassing places? I was sitting on the thinking chair, reminiscing, when suddenly an embarrassing memory came to mind. It actually made me shiver with the thought of it some 25 years after the event.

Like this but with less class

One summer evening I cruised into town on my bike, looking cool and feeling great as only a young guy on a fast bike can when on a mission, chasing after a possible promise of a great evening followed by a great night. I pulled up at the meeting place, the lass in question who stood chatting with her friends, looked across at me and flashed a mind numbing smile.  I kicked the side stand down and let the bike gently fall onto it as I looked moodily into her eyes.  

The gods are fickle, they love to cut down us mortals the minute we begin to believe we may be able to touch their giddy heights, and so it happened that my bike totally failed to come to rest on its stand.  The presence of an unnoticed drainage grid, placed in the perfect position and orientation to allow my side stand foot to slip through, was the vehicle of my demise.  As if to add insult to injury I was not even able to casually step off the now falling bike. Oh no, it caught my leg on the way down and I was dragged into an embarrassed heap of metal and me on the ground.

I suppose it could have been worse

Did my mates rush to my aid? Did the girl in question run to help her hero? Did I manage to still benefit from the possibility of a promise? Well it doesn’t really matter, those days are long past but for the purposes of this tale I will tell you the answers are no, yes and no…but not necessarily in that order.

Quite possibly dangerous to motorcycles...but I need to do research

The moral of this story is of course, always choose the right people to try and chat up, otherwise your motorcycling could well suffer!

Stay safe


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