Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Sometimes, when you are sitting by a lake in the mountains, watching the sunset and drinking a beer some random thoughts will come to you. Sometimes these thoughts are motorcycle related and sometimes you remember them long enough to write them down, here are the ones I didn’t instantly forget from last night.

Belgium is a developed western country, it is full of great things like beer, chips and mayonnaise, beer and well that is about I, unless you count a small statue of a boy having a piss a good thing. However what they do have in abundance is really, really bad roads. Luxembourg shares a border with Belgium, it has really good roads and so when you cross that border the difference kicks you in the seat of your pant, shakes your handlebars, makes you fear for the state of your wheels and blurs your vision, and that is on the motorway! Really I cannot tell you just how bad they are, you have to experience it, but take my advice, ride them on a Paris Dakar bike, preferably a real one because they might be too much for a replica!

Winter waterproof gloves, firstly they are only waterproof if you put the opening your hand goes through inside the arms of your waterproof jacket. To do that however you have to be wearing them and then you can’t do up the jacket, put your helmet on or adjust the positioning of your gentleman parts. This all means that you can never wear them in a waterproof manner unless you get your girlfriend or wife to dress you before you go out.  Then there is the moment you take them off, for the first few times all is fine but then you feel it, the lining starts to move as you withdraw your hand. The next time you pull your hand out of those gloves the lining is going to come with it and there is no way, that I know of, of getting it back in the gloves so that it is comfy and stays there. You would think that in this technologically advanced age, somebody, somewhere, must have made a waterproof winter glove that is waterproof and stays together, wouldn’t you?

Have you ever tried whistling while riding a motorcycle?  It is easy, until you reach a certain speed and then it is impossible. I would imagine that this is due to the speed the air is leaving your mouth and the wind speed of the bike. It is probably also affected by what type of crash helmet you are wearing, the more aerodynamic the better I would imagine.  I would also think that the cut off speed is different for different individuals. I can’t remember at what speed I found my whistling ability disappearing, I think it was around 45mph but as I don’t have a bike here with me I can’t check, but as soon as I do I will let you know.

And that brings me to my last thought, why don’t they make beer bottles just that bit bigger? You are just beginning to think “this is a lovely beer” and it is finished and so you have to start another one….I suppose I have just answered my own question haven’t I?


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