Silly September Stuff

Silly September Stuff

Well dudes and dudesses,

According to the moon and the trees we are finally in Autumn or Fall or whatever you want to call it,  and you know what that means? Yep, more of what we all love doing because the weather here is still gorgeous. I would apologize to those of you whose weather is less than perfect but because I live in the north of Europe I won’t, I will take my chance to gloat because it won’t last for long! In fact I can tell you exactly when the weather is going to break, next weekend when we are riding up to the North of Holland for a party. 300 miles at the end of September, I will pack my swimming shorts!


Give a motorcyclist some tools, a few spare parts, beer and some friends to share it all with and certain strange and wonderful things are going to happen. Give a motorcyclist a shed with all those things in it however and he is, at some point,  going to put wheels on it and see how fast he can make it go.  Think I am exaggerating a little bit? I kid you not: Last weekend on an old airfield somewhere in England, a bloke called Kevin Nicks managed to get his shed to do 104.12mph. He used a 2.8 litre V6 VW engine to do it and very fine it looks to, in a sheddy sort of way. Of course he isn’t the only lunatic out there; he wasn’t even the only lunatic on that little patch of land in England on that weekend. Other notables were Tom Ellis who 250cc Toilet broke the speed record for a toilet and Matt McKeown who managed 91.55mph on his Jet powered shopping trolley…it takes all sorts.

The real lunacy though has to be reserved for Big CC racing who in their wisdom have built a fully road legal Hayabusa that is capable of over 270mph which they proved on the Elvington runway last weekend. Oh and just in case that isn’t enough for you that speed was allegedly accomplished using a miniscule 650hp, evidently they reckon it has around a 1000hp available!!!

And it is not just the nutters in sheds and super skilled Hayabusa builders  that are arguably one brick short of a load, Honda UK are to. They have built what they hope will get them back the title of world’s fastest lawn mower. The Mean Mower V2 is powered by a 999cc, 189bhp engine from the CBR1000RR Fireblade. They are hoping for something in the region of 150mph from it which makes me wonder just how big a back garden does Mr Honda have if he needs something that fast to keep the grass down?

The constructive, creative lunacy that goes with motorcycles is without doubt one of its greatest strengths. Every biker has to have a bit of it in them, after all if you didn’t why would you pull on your leathers and ride something as impractical as a bike?  We are a strange breed, but some of us are stranger than others.  Right I am off out to the shed to build a bungee powered beer server!

Stay safe

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