I want to reassure you dear reader that everything is good here, everything is all white….ha ha, see what I did there?  I know, it is the mulled wine talking, lots of mulled wine, have I mentioned I love Christmas?

Anyway, everything really is all white here, there is a blizzard blowing and so we are having a white out, luckily the bar is open so all is not lost, in fact you could probably call it a result because there is nothing better than inclement weather in a bar full of holiday makers to make it into a good excuse for a party.

Snow has a weird effect on people, some go inside and hibernate until it is gone, others get out and embrace winter sports while others go just a little bit mad. When I was a lad (all the best stories start like that…ok some of the best stories!) one of the guys used to wrap the rear tire of his GPz750 Turbo with rope to make a makeshift snow chain. Amazingly it worked really well, right up to the point the rope wore through and wrapped itself around the wheel causing a sudden deceleration.  I guess every great invention has some teething problems!

What he really should have done is taken inspiration from those mad people who go ice racing with their 3cm long spikes. Those guys ride bikes that resemble speedway bikes and can take the bends of their racing oval at 60mph!

Of course those Ice racing guys are relatively sane when compared to the men of the French motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal.  They took an R1 and decided it would be a good idea to race it against a Porsche GT3RS, on ice!  Not to do things by halves they recreated the Circuit Paul Ricard in Father Christmas’s homeland of Lapland, and, so they had some leisure vehicles they also took a WRF 450 and an Evo 9 with them.  You can see their exploits on a film called Ice Age 5, or just watch this trailer here.

Those guys, however mad, were just doing a job. Hats off to them, total respect but it is their job, and a great job it must be. However some people really do command our respect and admiration.  When the rest of us are tucking up our bikes in the shed and putting the trickle charger on these people give the weather the finger and use the difficulties it presents as an excuse to do something “special”.  One such person is Sjakk Lucassen and he is the madman behind this Yamaha. Evidently this was not a onetime stunt, allegedly the nutter does it all the time, proving that you don’t have to let the snow stop you….Ok it would stop me, I don’t want to drop my bikes, but if I bought an old XT600 maybe I could create an apocalyptic snow machine...I think I need another Whisky, just to help with the planning of course (And to find the inspiration needed to convince the missus that it is a good idea.)

Stay safe


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