So much newness!

So much newness!

Hello people, and things that are also people.

That was one hell of a party, well it was my birthday, and one hell of a hangover which made it one hell of a ride home. Still you only live once; unless you are a Buddhist then all bets are off, and I do get to sleep this weekend, unless of course someone has a better idea?

The world of bikes is all change at the moment, well in Europe anyway. All the big firms have lined up in Cologne to show off what they suggest Mrs Ratso should buy for Mr Ratso at Christmas. Or maybe they are showing off what Mr Ratso is going to buy and why Mrs Ratso will only get a bunch of service station Roses for Christmas.  Either way they are showing off something in Cologne, that is definite.

Now it is really real!

I reckon top of my wish list from there is the Katana I mentioned last week. It is no longer a concept, no longer a briefly glimpsed piece of plastic in a YouTube video, nope, it was there, in the flesh and it looked lovely. It is based around the GSX-S 1000 and has 148 horsepower, looks different from anything else on the road and yes please Santa…shame they didn’t base it round the GSX-R 1000 though!

It would look better in Matt Black though

Now if I was looking for something else that was a little bit different from the main stream I would have to take a serious look at the new MotoGuzzi  V85 TT.  Yes it is just a big adventure bike, which is a style I happen to like, but it is also a Guzzi and so its engine immediately makes it stand out from the crowd. More than that though it is air cooled, which makes perfect sense on this type of bike and which is becoming a bit of a rarity in the motorcycling world thanks to emission tests. The lack of radiators, yep it doesn’t even have an oil cooler, and that distinctive engine make it something a little bit different and that is not such a bad thing.

Allegedly this is a cafe racer, at least it isn't electric!

Talking about different lets go over to Paris where they also have a motor show going on.  Peugeot have released a motorcycle. Peugeot used to build bikes and now it seems they might be returning to doing so.  They unveiled a 125 roadster and a 300cc café racer with “neo retro feel” which I guess it is made to look old in a new way. Any company adding to the world of motorcycling is a good thing and Peugeot certainly do build good engines.  I am not so sure however how the new electrics will hold up though. My dad had a new Peugeot whose electric windows decided to come down every time it rained and I have one whose radio refuses to turn off, even when I remove the key….maybe the retro bit is that they have gone back to points, mechanical speedos and rev counters….we can only hope.

Intermot had loads of new bikes on display and I am sure I will talk about some more of them at a later date.  Many were beautiful and silly, which is a great thing for a bike and some were possibly worth selling your soul for, which is an even better thing.  Now, let’s hope for even more new two wheel wonders to appear at the NEC show in the UK in November.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Ducati have a Scrambler in the new Venom film…I am sure that might be important to someone.

Have fun and stay safe


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