Some reasons

Some reasons

Motorcycles really are amazing things. The old saying “Cars move the body, Motorcycles move the soul” might be a bit cheesy but it is also completely true.  If you look around the internet it is possible to find lists of reasons why people love riding their bikes, and so, to follow in this great tradition here are a few of the reasons why I love riding my bike.

Monday morning, the alarm rings and I have to fight to get out of bed, pour coffee down my throat and struggle into my leathers.  Up until this point it is all pretty shit, but then I swing my leg over my bike, start her up and know that for the next thirty minutes I am still on the weekend….and that is when it is raining! If the sun is out and I am riding through the twisties, buffeted by air with an early morning chill, cutting through wisps of mist and overtaking the sad faced procession of people in their tin boxes; that is a joy that will make Monday morning something to be relished.  On a similar note,  I love my bike because it has the ability to change my mood from shit to grin.  I know I can go out feeling down and annoyed and come back with a new and positive attitude. I don’t have to ride fast I just have to ride.

My bike keeps me young. I am not talking about a midlife crisis type of young I mean young in my outlook on life.  The fun factor that I mentioned above is part of it, but by no means all. Bikes have a way of breaking the generation gap that nothing else does.  My bike gives me a channel to talk to anybody of any age or class that has the slightest interest in them. A discontented youth who just dreams of owning something newish from the showroom, but at the moment is riding an old rat, can talk to a multi-millionaire who owns a garage filled with exotica.  This open door to the younger generation lets knowledge flow both ways, yeah I can help them with how to fix something, tell them about cool places to hang out and ride and in turn I get to learn about what’s new and feel refreshed by their passion for life and their energy of discovery.  There are not many ways to cross the generation gap, but motorcycles can take you there!

But when all is said and done there is one way my bike makes me smile and laugh more than any other.  A hot sunny day, trundling through town or out on the coast road, it doesn’t matter where, a cute member of the opposite sex is standing by the side of the road or sitting outside a café.  As you ride on by, leather clad and dark tinted visor down they have no choice but to check you out. Bikes are cool, there is nothing cooler and the image of the biker chick or the badass dude is drummed into everyone’s heads thanks to Hollywood and a million advertising campaigns for perfume.  They want to benefit from our image and because of that we benefit from their advertising. As we ride by the god or goddess who would never have given us a second look normally, we are the ones being checked out by her or him and that is somewhat satisfying!

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