Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

The sun is out,

The sky is blue,

It’s beautiful,

And I am too!!

Ok, maybe that last line is an exaggeration but it is how I feel and that is the important bit.  Yes, I have had a great weekend.  The great weather coincided with a bike show about 100 miles away and so we took advantage of that for a great ride out. It doesn’t take much of an excuse to enjoy myself and good music, motorcycles and motorcycling people are more than enough reason.

On the ride there I did notice something a little bit concerning, the riding of some of the people was terrible. To be honest I think they were a little bit rusty, ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’ works for riding as much as it does for other skills in life. Everyone who rides a bike knows that it is nothing like driving a car.  It is a much more intense activity and much more demanding of the body and the mind.  I would say it is as much a sport as a form of transport and I know from personal experience that after a lay off from the bike I need time to get back into the swing of things.   

I love rat bikes and these guys were great fun to party with.

It is a known phenomenon; the police call the first weekends with warm sunshine, black Saturday or black Sunday, because it is those weekends when there is a noticeable spike in motorcycling accidents.  So, if you have had a lay off over the winter, remember that you are not going to be up to speed straight away.  Take it easy for a few hours until your brain can catch up with the speed things happen and your paranoia of other road users is back up to its life saving levels.   

Oh yes, that is another thing I noticed,  the first days of warm sunshine brings out the worst in other road users, especially Sunday ones.  The scenario goes something like this; the sun is out so let’s go out for a family day.  Many hours later they are on the way home, a car full of noisy kids, probably arguing. The driver is tired after a long day, after a long week; the other adult passenger is asleep, taking full advantage of not driving.  It is not a situation that is conducive to concentration and so it is little wonder that in the hours of late afternoon and early evening you see some very questionable driving.

So in these first few days of what is going to be a glorious year full of sunshine and endless twisty roads keep on the lookout for cars straying into your lane, pulling out in front of you and just turning across your lane. It’s your life on the line, so embrace the paranoia and assume they didn’t see you, they probably haven’t!

 Stay safe


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