Strange laws

Strange laws

I imagine most of you have been, or will be pulled over by the police at some point or other.  It will most probably be because of an excess of speed or something else equally mundane.  It is however our responsibility to know the laws of the road and abide by them at all times and because of that I thought it might be a little bit fun to find out some of the stranger ones out there and  let you know them, just in case!

Ok then let’ start with this one

You will be breaking the law in West Virginia if you try to “operate a motorcycle outside of a rider’s own ability”. So whatever you do don’t ride like Valentino or Guy Martin…or even like you best mate, because they are not you and therefore not of your ability. Honestly, how do you enforce this one, if you are pulling a wheelie and you fall off then you get arrested, but if you land it correctly then you are fine?

This is illegal in Virginia as well, and quite
right to!

If you go to Alabama please make sure that you don’t ride your bike with a blindfold on. I know it is a bit of a bind to take it off when you cross the state border, but if you don’t the full weight of the law will come crashing down on you!

In  India it is only the rider that needs to wear a helmet, evidently falling off a bike if you are the pillion will in no way endanger your head.  Strangely enough however if you live in England and you are a Sikh then you don’t have to wear a helmet, but your non Sikh pillion would have to!

Let’s go to Thailand now, but when you get there be careful because you are not allowed to ride your bike through a tunnel or over a bridge there.  Luckily this law and the one that says that motorcyclists have to stay in the left lane at  ALL times  do not get enforced, handy that as it would make turning right a little bit difficult!

Canada now and you might like to know that on Prince Edward’s Island, when you are going to overtake, you must sound your horn.  Letting someone know you are there and about to pass does seem like a good idea though so maybe we should all adopt this one?

Staying in Canada, you know that cramped feeling you get when you have been riding for a long time, the one when you have to stand up on your pegs and stretch a bit just to get the blood moving? Well, don’t do it if you are in Alberta because it is illegal to stand up when have been warned!

Of course you could run away to Australia;  Sydney is meant to be nice at this time of year. Unless you get into an accident, in which case you may well be fined $425 and lose 3 points, just because you were in the accident. Speed, weather and road conditions are not suitable reasons for crashing!

Anymore of that sonny and you could be in trouble!

On the other hand, it could be worse, you could be in London, where, horror of horrors,  you are not allowed to have sex on a parked motorcycle….so where am I and my horde of beautiful groupies going to do it now?

Stay safe


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