Sun Sun Sun part the second

Sun Sun Sun part the second

Sun, sun, sun….part two

When I left you one Wednesday I was pretty much convinced the worst was over, all that could go wrong had gone wrong.  Whatever made me think that the gods, in their boundless wisdom would ever miss the chance to make my life just a little more interesting?  However I am glad to say it wasn’t just me they decided to take an interest in. Oh no, the curse has spread, so at least I don’t feel victimized at the moment.

You may remember a couple of posts ago I talked about the importance of giving your bike the once over occasionally,  just to make sure you don’t breakdown in the middle of nowhere, on a dark night, with a full moon and the sound of howling in the distance. Well, I was doing my oil change yesterday and surprisingly that was going really well, I had even managed to get all the old oil out of the bike and not put any on my workshop floor.  I happened to take a glance at the clutch cable and I thought “that looks a bit dry, I’ll oil that after I finish here”.  The oil change completed I took the clutch lever off, releasing the clutch cable and found that it was just about ready to snap, it was frayed and dry and not long for this world.  Back in the old days it was easy to get things such as clutch cables, but now, even from a Triumph main dealer, you have to order such things. There are only two sleeps before leaving on holiday and so this is a bit of a worry but the nice man in the shop has assured me it will be here in the morning, we will wait and see.








 Very soon, I hope! 

As I said I am not alone in this pre holiday stress fest,  one of the guys in the UK who is coming to my place tomorrow,  (so his holiday is only one sleep away) , woke up this morning, went to his bike, pressed the starter and , nothing, not even the slightest sign of life.  After a little investigation he discovered that somehow, over night, his battery had decided to release all the charge it was storing and refused to accept anymore.  It was dead as a dead thing and so the hunt for a new battery was on. Sod’s law dictates that none of the local bike shops had one, and with time in very short supply things were looking bad but thanks to friends in low places one was located, well I say located, it was in fact liberated from a showroom bike. Hopefully no one will want a test ride on that tomorrow.

Of course it is not just bikes that go wrong, another of the UK guys was at work today, happily thinking of his upcoming holiday.  This guy is a highly skilled individual who specializes in making beautiful pieces of furniture for people with great taste and large bank accounts. He really knows his job and does it with great care and diligence, so why today did he decide that it would be a good day to shove an inch and a half long piece of veneer up under his finger nail and on into his finger?  A trip to casualty and a lot of ouch later he has informed us that he is now ready to go and promises not to leave his house, or his bed until he is ready to leave in the morning.

All I can hope now is that all these little hiccups mean that the trip itself will be eventful, but only in ways that we desire….and having said that what are the chances that my clutch cable doesn’t arrive, or that they send the wrong one?

Stay safe


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