Supersports – more than track-only bikes

Supersports – more than track-only bikes

I’ve heard it more than once; ‘Why would you get a supersport bike for public roads? You’re not allowed to go that fast anyway!’ Well, my first and most important reason has always been very easy. ‘Because they’re cool.’ I didn’t need more than that to justify my choice, but over time I did find several other reasons.

Supersports more than track bikes
What more reason than this photo would you need? (image source)

First of all, it’s just so much fun to ride one! Yes, that also holds when you’re not at the track. You can’t get me much happier than when I get into a fast turn when I can see there’s no traffic around. There’s nothing better than leaning into it and accelerate out of the corner. Even when you’re on public roads and comply with the rules, you’ll always have that feeling when you open the throttle.

Second, people argue that they’re not very practical. Sure, you probably won’t try and put a top case on your Ninja, but there are plenty of options when you’re going on a trip and need to take some luggage. There are numerous brands that produce tank bags, saddlebags and other solutions for every type of motorcycle. Try some to see what you prefer. Me, I don’t like tank bags too much, so I choose saddlebags and maybe a tail bag. When you do the same, make sure to divide the weight evenly on each side.

Motorcycle luggage
Who said you can't bring any luggage? (image source)

Third, a supersport motorcycle can actually be even more practical than some other bikes. I’ve been commuting on motorcycles for a while and in my country, that means splitting lanes and laughing at cagers being stuck in traffic jams, waiting three turns for the lights to go green. More than once, though, did I see a full option GS Adventure or a big, fat chopper being too wide to do that. On a sleek supersport, you won’t have that problem often.

Obviously, you should buy whatever bike you like best. Just don’t listen to people saying you should only get a supersport if you’ll race it around a track.

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