TFI Friday

TFI Friday

TFI Friday, once again the week is drawing to an end and I for one am extremely grateful for this.  You may remember that I said that I was going to start adding some bling to my Speed Triple, well this week some new indicators arrived and some new Stainless Banjo bolts to replace the rusty steel ones on the braking system.  You can guess what I will be doing this weekend I am sure.  I had actually thought of replacing the whole braking system with super light Aluminum fittings but had a moment of intelligence and decided to stay with the stainless steel ones.  Aluminum is great for race bikes but road bikes suffer from the elements and high pressure fittings that corrode easily are not a really good idea when you need that sudden stopping power to avoid a myopic granny in a Porsche!  Actually I don’t think I would recommend Aluminum fastenings for anything on a bike. It is lighter but it is nowhere near as strong and as I said it has a habit of corroding very easily. I would rather have something I can rely on holding my bike together than saving a few grams that in reality will make zero difference on the road.  I usually go for stainless fittings, they should stay pretty for very long time, they are strong and they are cheaper than any other aftermarket option.

And talking of things I will be doing on the bike this weekend, chain lube is called for, and a little tip I will pass on to all of you about this is that you should lube your chain when it is warm, ie after a ride.  It is obvious really, a warm chain warms the lube which makes it thinner and so it penetrates into the links more efficiently.  This of course improves the lubrication of the chain and chain life. Of course if you really want your chain to last a long time you should buy a Scottoiler.

Last night, thanks to work,  I missed out on going to see the new Triumphs, I will have to wait like everyone else until they arrive in the showrooms.  However when I got home I managed to have a little time surfing the net looking for some curious things to share with you, and I happened to find this.

This guy has designed and produced full size model kits  of Harley Davidsons.  They are made of plastic and so are light enough to mount on a wall so people might want to have one for their apartment, home or …well anywhere the wife or girlfriend might let you put one! They are assembled with glue and screws and he reckons that building will take about 24 hours and then you have to add on time to paint it.  Just the thing for long winters nights if you have not got a proper project to bring into the living room. Evidently this is not the only invention this guy has made; he has also designed watering cans that can be stacked inside each other and a lid to put on your boots to stop spiders going in!

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