The joys of spring

The joys of spring

Hello everyone, I hope everything is all tickedy boo and coming up roses for you all.

Spring is really well and truly here for most of us now and we should all be getting out whatever we ride and using it.  Most of you are probably not stupid and realize that you should give your bike the once over before swinging your leg over it and popping a wheelie up the road, but for those of you who are a bit forgetful here is the essential list of what you should do before heading out:

Tires, check pressures and check tread.

Charge the battery

Check all the fluids

Check chain tension and condition then lube it, yes even if you have a Scottoiler.

Check all the electrics work; you never know what might have eaten through a wire over the winter.

And after all that you are ready for your wheelie, or are you?

You see there is one vital item that you might have neglected over the winter…you, yourself and you again.

Christmas went on a bit too long

Yep, you need to take a good long look at yourself before you go for a ride and decide what needs to be improved.  Winter takes its toll and you might find that putting on your riding kit takes a little longer than it did at the end of last year. This is of course probably due to the fact that the material it is made out of has either shrunk or just returned to its original pre-stretched size due to lack of use. It is of course absolutely nothing to do with those extra pies and pints you have been shoving down your neck and certainly nothing to do with the fact you have been keeping the settee company a lot more than in the summer.

If this is the case then you have to do something about it because comfort on a bike is an elusive thing and it is vital that you take every opportunity to grab some.  You could always buy yourself some new kit, this is of course the easiest option but it is also the most expensive and I am a tight git so what other options are there?

Remember to bend your knees!

You could squeeze yourself into it and wear it out and about and around the house and hope it returns to its pre winter sizing; however I find that these materials for some unknown reason don’t like to be stretched twice and tend to remain stubbornly un-stretched.  The second option is the radical one of changing the shape of the human getting into it. Yep, maybe it might just pay to cut down a bit on the cake and do some exercise?  Strangely enough this almost unthinkable option has unexpected side effects. You will you be able to fit into your riding clothing without paying out for more and add this to buying less cake and beer and you will find you have more money for petrol and shiny things. 

Not that naked!

Not only that, the forgotten muscles that you exercise will thank you by not complaining about the extra work during your first few rides. This goes double for your neck muscles if you happen to ride a naked bike. And of course talking about naked,  your better half might well appreciate the fact that you take up a bit less of the world around you which can lead to possibly quite pleasant results!

Stay safe and be full of the joys of spring


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