The price is right

The price is right

I honestly can’t believe it, it has been about 10 days since I last saw rain, and about 8 days since I last saw a cloud, and that is not because I am stuck inside a windowless room! The warm, sunny weather has brought everyone out and the ride into work in the morning is now a social occasion, waving to the same guys and girls, at the same place, at the same time every morning….in particular one blonde on a Gsxr…. If only I could catch her filing up with petrol one morning…or maybe not, she is probably best left blissfully unaware of the face inside the crash helmet.

The good weather has also seen me come to the end of my front tire, and the back one is not long for this world either, especially as I have been doing my best to wear it out so that I have an excuse to buy a pair of new ones.  Some people swear by the comfort of clean sheets, some very strange people say there is nothing like the smell of a new car, but I say there is nothing quite like the first few hundred miles on brand new rubber, I just wish I was rich enough to afford it every week.


Back in the good old days, when the summers lasted forever, the police didn’t have radars and corners always had the perfect camber, tires and motorcycling was so much cheaper.  I have friends who, back then, would never pay more than £1 per cc for a bike, we learned to spanner because we had to, we didn’t have the money to burn on mechanics, beer was far more important.  The local breakers was a cathedral for us, and most Saturday mornings would find us there haggling a price for a part we were desperate for.

I really think those tires shoud go in the skip

However if the breakers was a cathedral then the skip at the breakers was our Ark of the Covenant and we were Indiana Jones. The treasures that could be found within were amazing; tires with more than 3mm of tread just discarded as if they were worthless, brake pads that had at least another thousand miles wear left on them. What is even more remarkable is that sometimes, that long searched for part would just appear in the skip as if by magic.  Of course this had nothing to do with us having a mate who worked within and who sometimes made a mistake and threw the wrong (or from our point of view, right) part out. No it was purely because we were willing to make a sacrifice to the beer gods that evening and the mate was the high priest in charge of collections.

I want one!

Of course I am looking through a pair of rose tinted glasses covered by beer goggles. Back then we never experienced what it was like to ride with the best quality parts, we were just happy to be able to ride. It  did however teach me the value of new stuff, I know the difference between stopping with good brakes compared to stopping with brakes that are held together with sheer will power.

So now I am going to go onto the internet and swap $250 for a new set of tires and I won’t mind a bit…but I will spend a few hours finding the very best price…beer money doesn’t grow on trees you know!

Stay safe


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