The unthinkable

The unthinkable

Sometimes the unthinkable can happen, the worst really can come to pass and you are left without a loved one. It happens, maybe because they break down and have to go away to the workshop for a while, maybe because you are forced by weather to stay inside or maybe because you have to take the family away on holiday. Whatever the reason there are times when you will have to spend time away from your bike, maybe a few days or in the worst case maybe a few weeks.  Don’t worry, and don’t panic and do something rash, it is possible to live without a bike for a little while. Although if you tell anyone I said that I will have to hunt you down and give you a huge kick up the ass.

So what are you going to do when you are without? Well think about it a little, I suggest over a few beers down the local bar. After all you don’t have to ride home so you can afford to have more than just the one. It is also a well-known fact that after drinking a few beers you are more likely to come up with some really good ideas.

You could also take advantage of the unthinkable happening to spend a bit more quality time, well what they think of as quality time, with the other loved ones in your life.  Why not take your partner out for a meal, take a walk by a lake or gaze at a starry sky together? These things, and others will give you ample opportunity to gently slip ideas concerning spending money on your bike, or if you are really brave buying another one.  I would recommend starting gently, discussions about favorite colors could lead to, “hey doesn’t that bike look great in …..”.  Getting them used to the idea of whatever you want to do now will save a lot of stress and trouble in the long run.

Alternatively a quiet night in, a few glasses of whatever floats your boat and a great film could be a good opener. You need to choose something that the other half will appreciate and this is not always so easy. One sure fire winner is “Freebird”, it has everything to show off your cultural depths.  Firstly it is a European film, but fear not, it is English so no annoying subtitles. Secondly it was not a major cinema release; instead it is one of those hidden gems that often get overlooked.  Finally it displays the beautiful countryside of the British Isles and explores the cultural differences between not only the UK and the USA but also between different but outwardly similar groups….the fact that it is really a comedy about some mates who get caught up in a drug deal and have to ride their bikes to Wales and deal with all sorts of idiots on the way is beside the point.

Whatever you choose to do, remember it is not going to be forever, your loved one will be back in your life sooner than you think and all of what happened will be just a fading memory…

Stay safe



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