I was called into work today, at four thirty in the afternoon, for a two hour meeting, and I didn’t mind one little bit.  The reason for this reasonableness is because I went in on my bike. I had nothing big to carry and no passengers to worry about and so the twenty mile ride into work was a joy, made all the more so because the weather was magnificent. Twenty degrees Celsius in mid October is remarkable and the blue skies and dry clean roads a miracle.

Just like all of you I love riding my bike and a day like today is a huge bonus as we know that ahead of us are the yucky, grey and damp days of winter.  It is more than just enjoying riding the bike however; it is the fact that riding the bike makes me a better person. Ok that is a bit of a big claim but in some ways it really does.  Take today for example, that ride into work through the sweeping bends that flow between the fields of the sleepy French countryside put me into a mood so good that I didn’t feel like ripping the head of the idiot that thought that four thirty in the afternoon on my day off was a good time to organize a meeting. I would say that was the sign of betterment, wouldn’t you?

It is not just the bikes ability to turn the energy used to fuel a killing rage into one that can work out...well whatever they were on about that needed working out.  I was in fact thinking about the ride home, rehearsing the best line through my favorite corner. I said I would be there; I didn’t say I was going to work!

 My better half knows that if I am being a grumpy git all she has to do is ask me to go and buy something small from the shops and I will suddenly forget what I am being grumpy about, all because I get to ride the bike. The kids have even picked up on it. If they want me to say “yes” to something they ask me to pick them up from school on the bike.

Of course it does not always all come up roses, there are times when things go pear shaped, when you have an “oh shit” moment, but even that is a good thing because it reminds you that living is still something that you want to carry on doing very much.  That is what bikes are about, living, they make you feel alive. Whether it is hooning about on a Grom or reliving that moment from Easy Rider, whatever floats your boat, a bike will let you not only play it out, it will let you live it. Personally I own a Speed Triple so I like to think I am a hooligan with class…Deadpool maybe or when I am on the Z1100 The Toecutter from Mad Max?

All of humanity can dream, but those of us that ride can at least live part of those dreams and that does make us, if not better people, at least people who can handle the shit that life throws at us in a better way.

Stay safe



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