Things they never told you about riding a bike part the second

Things they never told you about riding a bike part the second

I have already told of the special “interesting” ways that some of the flora and fauna of this planet like to interact with you, the unsuspecting two wheeled target of its affections. Now it is the turn of the weather and so here for your reading pleasure is

Things they never told you about riding a bike and now you are glad they didn’t!

Part two

One word, rain, that is it, it is enough for our brains to think up the most creative excuses not to go out on the bike, but still we do it because hey it is a motorcycle! Don’t you just love that feeling when the first cold trickle of water runs down your back or front as the rain’s assault finally gains a bridgehead in its battle against the waterproofs? Maybe you prefer the feeling of your toes going all wrinkly as your boots slowly fill with water or perhaps it is the lancing pain in your eyeballs when you have to lift the visor because seeing where you are going is a little bit important?  Then there is the liquid cooling effect, it works for engines and it most certainly works for bodies as well.  It can be a relatively mild day out but the rain, combined with the wind of your riding can still chill you to the bone in a few miles.   

He has a slick on the front so it is safer like this

And that is another thing, wind chill; it is 41°F chilly but not bad enough to stop you riding, but when you factor in that 60mph wind it is all of 26°F….brrr. The good news is that the faster you go the difference between real temperature and that you feel stops increasing so dramatically, for instance with the same temperature 100mph feels like 23°F so you might as well ride faster so you can get home for that warm cuppa sooner!

Have you ever ridden in the fog, fog so thick that you feel that you are pushing your way through it?  It is bad isn’t it, is that glow coming towards you a dragon?  Nope it’s only a car, thank the gods! Many things have been written about riding in the fog, but one thing that I haven’t heard mention before is the sensory deprivation you get with riding in dense fog,  the feeling you can get of being all alone, no visual stimuli, no points of reference, just the drone of the engine and the white blanket that surrounds you. It can get quite un-nerving, especially when you look at the clocks, see 30mph registered and realize you are going way, way too fast to stop in the distance you can see.  Scary, but not as scary as freezing fog,  which freezes solid on your visor, gloves, jacket, nose (when you lift the visor up) and covers your bike in a horizontal icicles. I know what this feels like, when I moved to France in the winter of 1999 I rode 200km in freezing fog and I don’t want to do it again…unless it is to avoid a white out, fog and a snow covered landscape combined. Imagine what I said about thick fog and then multiply it by four.

A white rabbit in a white out..I know the photo is upside down!

You don’t even have the black tarmac as a reference point, seriously there have been moments riding in these conditions that I have almost lost track of which way is up, it is quite possibly the worst weather I have ever ridden in …until I get the pleasure of freezing fog and a white out,  ooh I can’t wait!

There is going to be more of this, I can tell!

Stay safe


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