Things to do on a motorcycle before you die…….part 2

Things to do on a motorcycle before you die…….part 2

The reason that there are things you should do with your bike before you die is due to the fact that motorcycles are a unique form of transport.  They don’t just take you from A to B; they are part of your whole life.  When you ride one people look at you differently and you look at life differently because you ride one. Most people’s bucket list includes riding a bike as one of the things to do. You have already turned that page, and so to help you with your list here are a few more things that you should do on a bike before you die. 

Go on a Track day

Loads has been written about track days and about techniques on how to ride a track. That doesn’t mean however that it is a normal thing to do. If every biker in every country did it, it would still not be normal because there is nothing normal about riding your bike to the very maximum of its or your abilities.  The sensation of freedom you get going around a race track is immense, no police, no traffic coming the other way, no limits, it is what a bike is about. You don’t need a fast race bike; you just need a bike and the willingness to use it to its max and the willingness to find out just what your max is. Doing a track day will give you so much more confidence in your abilities and the abilities of your bike, but much more important than that, it is great fun.  

A road trip

It doesn’t matter what bike you have got, you can and should go on a road trip.  Riding a bike for days on end is a weird experience. For a start it really does start to feel part of you, in both a spiritual and, at times, a very painful physical sense.  What you get out of it is the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of having been on an adventure and the feeling of having actually travelled.  It is not getting on a plane and getting off it, you travel through the country and the travelling becomes the reason to go somewhere, not something that has to be done before the fun starts.  It is best if you can go to different countries and meet new people
but for people living in the States for example that is not always so easy.  The thing is you should head out for somewhere different, and pick a route that is different. Don’t try to do astronomical mileage, think instead of enjoying what you will see while riding. Stop in time to enjoy the nightlife, and start late enough to recover from enjoying the nightlife. I have always found the best road trips are with one other person, a good mate who can be relied upon to help you out if things go wrong and one who is happy to be with you drunk
or sober, happy or sad.  The fact that there are two of you means you can join in with the people around you, too many more than that and your group becomes intimidating and insular and you don’t want that. Road trips are about living and living is about communication and interaction, so get out there and interact!

Stay safe


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