Things you should do on a motorcycle before you die….part one

Things you should do on a motorcycle before you die….part one

There is nothing as sickening as deciding to do something and then realizing you are too late.  Life is full of regrets like that, full of “I wish” moments.  Of course some of them made perfect sense at the time and were the correct thing to do; maybe you should have gone home with those twins, on the other hand your wife might have killed you…but now you are divorced, old and the moment has passed you by.  Some things you should do though and some of those things are motorcycle related. Here are some of the things that I believe every biker should do before they go off to ride the great highway in the sky.

Learn to Wheelie.

It might not be regarded as big or clever but those thoughts are usually reserved for those people who can’t do it or who have never had the balls to try.

There are some great reasons as why you should learn to do this, for one you are learning to master your bike in an extreme environment. It will give you confidence in your riding abilities and hone those abilities to a new level. Throttle control and confidence are the key words and there is nothing wrong with making those better.  The best reason for learning to wheelie is however the great feeling and innate coolness of being able to hoist a 1000cc motorcycle into the air and ride off on one wheel.   One word of advice, don’t try to learn on your own bike, go off to a wheelie school where they can show you the correct techniques and you can ride bikes equipped to deal with the inevitable over cooking.

Another thing every biker should do is do a rebuild on a knackered bike. There are not many things better than buying an old nail and spending the winter months, in the workshop, doing it up.  Not only do you learn about spannering you can also get an idea of what it might be possible to do to your pride and joy, and you won’t be scared about trying to do it.  Riding it out of the workshop is in itself a great reward when it is finished, but also, if you have been careful the financial reward that comes from selling a now decent bike is rather satisfying itself.  Of course you need to buy your project in the first place, but take a look on EBay, there are hundreds of unfinished projects going cheap from people not man enough to finish them!!



How can anyone call themselves a real biker unless they have ridden through a winter, and I am not talking about the sort of winter you get in the Bahamas. It doesn’t count unless, cold and wet are involved at the very least and you get extra points for snow and black ice.  Why would you want to do this? Well, for one thing you can hold your head up high in any motorcycling company and regard those that haven’t done it, those that ride in the “season”, as lesser beings.  It also gives you a great excuse to buy another cheap old bike to do it on which can later be used to rebuild, thus “killing two birds with one stone” so to speak.

Go on, you know it makes sense!

Stay safe



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