Too much is never enough

Too much is never enough

Motorcycles are great, we know this, we ride them. They inspire awe and wonder in the general public who look at them in fear, incapable of understanding what on earth possesses us to even think about getting on one.  To the masses, we are weird, strange and odd and they dream of being brave enough to be like us and actually ride one.  

However, there are certain people within our ranks that we might just look at in a similar way. Those bikers who decided that a 200 horsepower superbike is just lacking a bit of oomph, it is just a bit too common and a bit too refined…a bike for girls!  I take my hat off to these guys and girls (probably), for who too much is almost the right amount…

It makes you wonder how the conversation might go to start building some of these creations. Just how many beers do you need to drink before thinking about a 24 chainsaw engine bike becomes more than just an idea in the pub one winter’s evening?  Actually the guy who built it is German so quite a few I guess…Yes, it has been built, and ridden..


It seems that this bike was originally meant to have only 18 engines, but that was obviously far too feeble, wouldn’t be able to pull the skin off a rice pudding so they added another six just to be sure.

That was all well and good, but I don’t really like two strokes and it is a bit underpowered….how about something a bit more macho?

A V8 Supercharged monster truck engine in a bike,  that will do nicely!  Allegedly his wife told him if he wanted to build a bike he should build one with what was in his garage. I guess she hadn’t really given this statement a lot of thought. 

This lovely bike runs on pure alcohol and produces around 1100 horse power or the same as a Bugatti Veyron.  Of course,  you would think that sort of power is for use on the drag strip but , no,  I forgot to mention, he made it street legal which of course is how it should be.

There really are  loads of wonderfully lunatic bikes out there, the 48 cylinder Kawasaki built using KH250 bores, or the 2000cc single  spring to mind but, for me, there is one wonderfully beautiful and absolutely awe inspiring build to have.

It isn’t as powerful as the V8 and it has fewer cylinders than the chainsaw powered monster or the Kawasaki.  In fact it is a V Twin and is only 5000cc but to make sure it didn’t have to hide in the corner in shame its builder “Lucky Keizer” gave it a supercharger and nitrous oxide, well you would, wouldn’t you! 

It also has one other thing going for it, one thing that just makes it so cool that it would be the bike Thor would ride if he wanted to go to the pub, it is built from a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine. A Spitfire engined, road legal bike, perfection, unless of course you could get an engine from an English Electric Lightening in a bike frame………

Stay safe


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