Total Triumph

Total Triumph

Bike companies often announce the re-invention of models, usually because the old model did not work in some way or other. However, Triumph have taken the unusual step of taking their successful Bonneville Speedmaster, throwing away everything but the original idea and then re-imagining it, and they have done a wonderful job of it. The all-new T120-based Bonneville Speedmaster will give owners of the original a good reason to change it and appeal to a whole new audience to.

The originals 865cc air cooled engine has been replaced by the new 1200cc one which has been placed in the bobbers frame. It is however not a bobber with a different paint job, it is a bike with its own character, reminding me of old American cruisers, big comfy seats, forward controls and sweeping bars. This is a bike that looks like it is built to go miles on, and go there in an unhurried but inevitable way.

It is not all retro though, it also has cruise control, ABS, rider modes…. blah, blah, blah…I don’t think any of that is important because it looks like a bike that you are going to ride, not pilot, and that for me is its biggest draw.

It should be in the dealers by March 1st but I imagine it won’t be cheap, certainly more than the £7599 of the original, but it also looks like it will be worth it.

Not to be outdone Triumph have upgraded their Bobber. It is already their fastest selling new bike ever and it is in the top 10 of sales of new bikes. However, it seems that despite my saying how much I loved it Triumph have decided it was not quite right and tinkered with it a little, and they were right to.

The Bobber Black is enough to make me believe that there is a god and that he loves me. Everything is the same until you get to the front end and then all is change. The 19inch front wheel goes to be replaced by a 16inch one. It still wears a great big fat tire but I would imagine that the steering is a little faster. They have also upgraded the forks from 41mm to 47mm Showa ones. That should make things a little stiffer and easier to point in the right direction and then there is the ability to bring it all to a stop. This has been take to a whole new level with the addition of twin discs and Brembo calipers. 

Over all the bike looks more Bobber like now and I am sure it will handle a load better, not that it was bad before. Oh, nearly forgot, it is the Black because nearly everything on the bike is now black, and you know I approve of that.

Not to be outdone Triumph look like they are about to launch a new version of the Tiger 1200. It was spotted near their test track in Spain and it looks like it is a finished product. Those in the know reckon that it could be unveiled in November at the Milan Motorcycle show and they also reckon that there will be an 800 version to keep it company.

Not to be outdone Triumph might also be thinking about a new Speed Triple. This one was see on the same roads as the Tiger and though it doesn’t look much different to the current models they say it sounds different, which of course suggests that they have played with the engine.  Maybe this one is just a test bed for that engine and aesthetic mods have yet to be seen? Whatever it is, it isn’t a finished article, but it is a very interesting one.

Not to be outdone Triumph could possibly be thinking about a 765 Daytona. Everyone and his dog knows Triumph are going to be powering Moto2 in 2019 and so what would be more logical than a new bike based around that engine? We can all hope and pray…with a little bit more than hope as it turns out because Triumph’s Head of Brand Management, Miles Perkins said recently “Are we actively in production with something to come out next year called the Daytona? Honestly, no. Is there a longer-term opportunity for it? Yes, there is.”

We can only dream

And finally, not to be outdone, Triumph will be opening a new visitor experience and factory tour on November 1st. It is a museum of all things Triumph, housed in a purpose built building at their factory in Hinkley. 115 years of Triumph are on display here, including the TR6 that Steve McQueen used in the Great Escape. In fact there is so much there I might have to make another post all about it, after I have convinced the better half that we should really take a visit of course.

Not to be outdone….

Stay safe


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