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Motorcycling is affected by fashion trends, just like anything else.  Some of those trends are interesting and add to the whole experience, others not so much.  The black leather jacket is a case in point, it is iconic and you ask someone to describe a biker and that is one of the first things they will mention.  However, not many people would mention stick on flappy dog ears or belts with grab handles on them for pillions. Luckily for us as bikers the fashion trends that are not practical seem to disappear quite quickly and in the case of flappy dog ears, get blown off and lost in the mists of time. It seems now though that a new trend is manifesting itself in our lifestyle…Yoga!

Yes, Motorcycle Yoga is a thing and it seems to have been a thing for a little time now. It is however a thing that has slipped un-noticed past me until now, just in case the same applies to you I now present to you a brief rundown of what I have found out about Motorcycle Yoga.

Firstly, let’s make this clear, this is not about your motorcycle itself doing Yoga. A bike that bends itself into all sorts of shapes is one of two things, crap or crashed; either one is not desirable.

It is all about people doing yoga inspired by bikes.  For example a body painting artist, (it seems like that is a thing to),  Trina Merry decided that it would be a good idea to create some art for a motorcycle show and got some Yogis to bend themselves into motorcycle shapes and then painted them.

That however is art and not really motorcycle yoga, for that lets go for the boss (I think) of it all. Back in 2013 an Indian Yogi called Hav Ramesh set a world record for the most consecutive positions on a motorcycle, 50 to be exact.  Now what I find surprising about this is not that he did 50 positions, or even the fact that there is a world record for doing it. No, I don’t even find it surprising that he was not the first person to set the record. I am not sure who was but the person he beat was called Yogaraj CP who only did a crappy 23! What I find surprising is that this was back in 2013. It has been going on that long and I hadn’t even heard of it until yesterday!

I am sure that there are many motorcycling benefits to be had by learning Yoga, least of all improved suppleness making it easier to get your knee down.  I would imagine that the focus training, the calmness it can instill and the muscle relaxation techniques it offers could all make riding a bike a safer and less uncomfortable thing. You would have thought that maybe somebody would write a book about it or …oh wait somebody has:  Motorcycle Yoga by Lisa Haneberg published in 2008…wait 2008…damn it’s been going on that long? …I blame it on the beer.

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If you have been inspired by this article then why not take some photos of yourself doing motorcycle yoga with one of our keytags and send it to us? It might not make you a celebrity but it will probably give all the rest of us a good laugh!

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