What does the future hold?

What does the future hold?

Motorcycling evolves, just like anything else. The bikes and gear of years gone by are so different from those of today, I look at the frame of my old Z1100 and compare it to the Speed triple and I am not at all surprised that the Z11 feels like it has a hinge in the middle of its frame when I corner a little too enthusiastically!  I remember the battles to keep dry and warm and then along came waterproofs that actually were what their name suggests.

With this in mind I have been scouring the web, having a look at what might be coming our way in the years to come, and this is what I have found, enjoy!

The idea of making a material from spider’s web has been around for years, but now one company called Bolt Threads has created genetically modified yeast that creates a thread very similar to spider’s web when it ferments with sugar and water. Yes, you read that, they are producing a cloth that is brewed!

As motorcyclists this is already interesting but what is more interesting is that this fiber is 5 times stronger than Kevlar and can stretch about 40% of its length. This means it can be made to make whole garments whereas Kevlar can only be used for panels as it is not flexible and is relatively heavy.   Of course there are things that need to be sorted out so don’t expect to see brewery made clothing anytime soon, but it does sound interesting.

Forced induction, basically pushing more air into the engine and so making more power has been around for years, but not so much in the motorcycling world. Now however we have see Kawasaki’s H2 and its supercharger, a bike meant to make us sit up and say wow, I want one.  At the Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki was showing off a new engine and a new concept bike. The engine is the XE7 a turbo charged in line four and the bike is called the Recursion, a 588cc turbo charged twin. These are not H2’s these are bikes for the masses, bikes that are going to use forced induction not for performance but to be more efficient. Still not convinced, Kawasaki has also unveiled the Spirit Charger, a concept bike with a four cylinder supercharged engine. They did not say a lot about it, what they did say a lot however was “increased fuel economy”, what’s the betting that Kawasaki are going to use the H2’s legend status to get us all onto supercharged bikes before too long….and if the rumor mill is to be believed one of them will be 900cc and go by the name of Z900. Just that is enough for me to want one!

How about a crash helmet, with built in blue tooth so you can get phone calls as you ride and a built in GPS, so you don’t get lost, and blue tooth conversation to other riders with the same type of helmet, and possible blue tooth connection to your bike to get telemetry data….a bit been there done that, no?  OK add in a rear facing camera and a Head Up Display, interested now?  Take a look at this video




There are a lot more things happening in the world of bikes,  so look out for more of what the future holds pretty soon.

Stay Safe


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