What I learned while riding motorcycles

What I learned while riding motorcycles

Imagine this: a tall, twenty-something year old girl, long dark hair, one-piece leather suit, riding a Yamaha R6. ‘Tough chick’ you’d probably think to yourself. Well, that’s me. Except, I’m not that tough.

What I Learned From Motorbike Riding
Obviously, she's the toughest one of all! (image source)

I bought the R6, my very first fast motorcycle, when I was 21. Two weeks later, a colleague whom I had a crush on asked me to join him on a motorbike holiday. We left four days later. Going on a motorbike holiday had been on my wish list since the day I decided to get my license and here I was riding my dream bike through the French mountains, following a guy I fancied.

What you should know though, is that I’m from The Netherlands – the country where speed bumps are the highest points above sea level. I wasn’t used to riding mountains, nor had I ever ridden a hairpin turn with my motorcycle. It turned out that I had some mental issue with tight corners going down hill. Don’t ask me why, but I just hated them.

After riding for some time, mostly uphill, I found myself at the top of this mountain. We took a little break and with every minute passing I got more nervous about the next part. What could I do, though? I couldn’t stay there, at some point I would have to come down that mountain and of course, I didn’t want the guy to know I got scared. After a few more minutes, I took a deep breath and forced myself back on my bike.

Of course, nothing bad happened. Turn after turn I got more relaxed until at one point I dared to take my eyes of the asphalt for a moment to enjoy the view. We were overlooking a gorgeous valley and I realised I could check something of my bucket list and at that point I learned I was capable of way more than I thought I was. Man, was I proud!

Tough motorbike chick
Crossing borders with my motorbike - I felt like a total badass!

The next year I had grown much more comfortable on the R6 and I went on another holiday. I rode up and down legendary mountains like the Col du Galibier and the Col de l’Iseran in the Alps. I was having a great time and I was even able to pass some guys. I’m sure they were thinking ‘That’s one tough chick.’ You know what? They were right!

The Tough Biker Chick


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