What was he thinking?

What was he thinking?

Hello people

As I write this the sun is beaming down, it is pleasantly warm outside and fluffy white clouds are floating around as only they can. Of course I am the lucky one so a big shout out to all of you on the East Coast of the USA who are experiencing Hurricane Florence.  I hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and stay that way. Oh, and if you happen to see a rather water logged English man walking around please give him a hand. It might be a mate of mine who in a spectacular stroke of bad planning ended up arriving there yesterday; it is sure to be an experience!

Bikers on the whole are a pretty bizarre bunch. The general public seems to think that we have an unhealthy regard for our own safety. After all in their eyes the fact that we are riding a bike is enough to prove that.  Personally however I would disagree with anyone who thinks I have a death wish. Whenever I go for a ride an awful lot of my limited intelligence is spent making sure I don’t die. What is left however is spent balancing out the probability of death or pain compared to the smile I might wear if I can beat my personal best on the commute home from work. I also know that I can be a total dick to my mates, and they can be to me. Flicking kill switches at traffic lights, stealing keys and throwing them onto the verge, crap like that, but never anything that would endanger each other’s lives. I believe that most bikers are like that, adults that have never grown up.

So imagine my surprise when I was reading the news last week and found out about Romano Fenati’s antics at the Misano GP.  He can say what he likes about being pissed off with Manzi’s hard racing...and it was hard, very hard, but that is no excuse to try and kill the guy.  I am not kidding either, there you are racing flat out and some dickhead manages to pull alongside you, reach out and pull on your front brake at something like 170mph, to me that is trying to kill someone. Imagine it was you riding down the road at 100mph and suddenly your front brake came on. You would shit yourself, and so would I.  All that kept Manzi on the bike, as well as his obvious talent, is momentum. The bike wanted to keep going forward and Fenati released the brake and let it. If he had held it a second longer maybe the front end would have tucked under and caused a horrible accident.

If I had been Manzi then I think I would have been round to Fenati’s garage and punching the shit out of him before he had time to get off the bike. Ok that might not be true, I would have wanted to do that but I would probably have had to get awhole load of brown adrenaline out of my leathers first.  Fenati should have not only been banned for life from the sport, he should also be charged by the police. What he did was premeditated and just plain dangerous.

Ok guys, I am now off out to enjoy the last of the summer sun and try not to die!

Have fun and stay safe


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