What you really need is...

What you really need is...

Still cold, still very cold, and I guess it is going to stay like that for a few more months.  I don’t really mind as long as it stays dry, but even then you always have to tread that fine line between going fast enough to warm your tires up and yet slow enough not to overcook things on roads covered in crap.  The farmers around this way are supposed to clear up after themselves but I guess they have not heard of this rule, or just don’t care.  Seriously, where do they get off spreading greasy, slimy slippery mud all over the road and around corners?  Anyway, I promised myself in this run up to the season of good will that I would not moan about idiots, however much I want to, and so instead I will enlighten you about another thing that every biker needs to carry with them.

Duct tape,  Bodge tape or Gaffa tape,  call it what you will this stuff is amazing. It is probably the mortal equivalent of the stuff that the deity of your choice held the universe together with when he, or she, needed an extra hand but one was not available.  It is of course just tape, but saying that is like saying that a Leatherman, is just a knife, it is so much more …

One thing that annoys me about carrying luggage on a bike is that the bungee straps, cargo netting or tie downs tend to rub on the paintwork of your pride and joy.  With the careful application of a bit of Bodge tape this no longer needs to be a worry.  Ok, when you peel it off it might leave a little sticky residue but that is easy to get off with a little window cleaner or alcohol.

No, no, no!

Duct tape also lends itself to waterproofing waterproofs!  The weak spot of any waterproof clothing is the part where the gloves and the sleeves meet.  If you are on a short journey this is rarely a problem but if you are going a little further then taping around that join can stop water making its way up the glove and onto your warm clothing layers. ( I take it you all know that the gloves go inside the waterproofs, not over them, otherwise you get a glove filled with water). One word of advice though, make sure you have your keys and anything else you need  out of your pockets before sealing yourself in, or it is the motorcyclists nightmare multiplied by ten.

On top of this little tip, it is of course also useful for patching up tears in your over suit, and it can seal it and hold it together if a zip breaks.

Another get me home use is to patch up broken radiator hoses, it can handle this, just about, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a permanent repair. How about using it as an extra pair of pockets for when camo trousers just don’t have enough to hold your beer supply? Simply tape the beer cans or bottles to your legs and suddenly you have two hands free for drinking!


Another great use is to wrap it around the end of a Maglite. This makes it so much easier and comfier to hold in your mouth when you are working.  Talking of mouths, you could also use it to tape up the mouth of your pillion, just in case they scream too loud of course!

And on that I will leave you

Stay safe


Of course that does leave one unanswered question....what colour Duct tape?

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