Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I wrote here. Christmas has been and gone and I hope you all got what you deserved, or if not that at least what you all wanted! It also seems that winter has been and gone to, in the past few weeks we have gone from snow drifts and blizzards to today with blue skies and 18°c, it is almost as if the gods exist and they want me to be enjoying myself.

Which brings me round to the subject of the first post back, why do I ride?

Well that is easy, it gets me from A to B, so job done, chat to you next week again…oh you want more than that, you want to know why I love to ride? Nothing like starting with the hard one!

It is without doubt one of the questions people who don’t ride ask most often, along with “how fast does it go?” and “Isn’t it dangerous?”  The cliché answer is “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand”, cliché, but true all the same, I will however try anyway:

Yes I ride to get from A to B, but that is not what gets me on the bike with a huge smile on my face. Neither is it because of a leather fetish and the need of a good excuse to wear it, nope I smile when I am wearing my waterproofs as well! It isn’t even the thought that I will soon be cutting through the stationary traffic filled with bored people looking at their phones and hoping to be distracted by a funny cat meme.  Nope that wouldn’t be a smile; it is more of a manic laugh which luckily is muffled by the crash helmet.

“Aha!” maybe it is the anonymity of a bike, a crash helmet can hide a multitude of sins after all, but no, I like being looked at. Hell, my own reflection in the shop windows is one of the things I look forward to most on the ride to work. Narcissistic, yeah, but it beats having motivational quotes as backgrounds on whatever screen I am looking at. I don’t need reassurance, I know I look good! Is it the fact that I always get a cheery wave or nod from some like minded individual on their way to work?  Nope it doesn’t matter who I see, their acknowledgment is returned and appreciated but it is not a reason to ride….and neither is that beautiful blonde with the long legs who always looks and smiles as I go by, (proof of the power of a crash helmet).  Women or men love bikes, but they are not the reason to ride one, hell if I just wanted pulling power I might as well just become a millionaire.

You see there are so many things that it could be that they sort of build a smoke screen around the real reason of why I love to get on my bike, rain or shine. Why pulling on all the kit because I know that some idiot is probably going to try to kill me on the way to work is more than worth it.  The reason is in fact stupidly simple and because of that probably so profound it could probably be used to set up a religion or at the very least be used as a motivational wallpaper…

The answer to the question, “why do I love to ride my bike?” is

When life is just being life, I swing my leg over it and whisper to myself

“Fuck it, I’ve always got my bike”

And with that little mantra life goes and hides in a corner…

Stay safe




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