Why We (and BuzzFeed) Love Motorcycles

Why We (and BuzzFeed) Love Motorcycles

As shown in this awesome BuzzFeed video there are tons of reasons to love motorcycles. Centurion Goods loves Motorcycles too and here's our reasons to go along with BuzzFeed's:

 Lane Splitting is a Thing (and a good thing): Although some (mostly jealous car drivers) look down upon it, lane splitting is the best way to avoid traffic. It's more dangerous to sit behind cars when you can break free of them and avoid the heated drivers that are stuck in their car.

FREEDOM: Nothing beats an open ride on an open road! With a motorcycle, you can
The key to happiness keytagride anywhere, park anywhere, and be anywhere you really want. Let's face it, no one chasing you has a real chance
of catching up! The freedom doesn't stop with where you can go, it also is how you feel. Nothing beats the wind in your face and the road at your wheels.

There's a Bike for Everyone:
Regardless of the person, there's always a bike to fit them.Cruisers for the oldies, sport bikes for the youngsters, scooters for the hipsters, Harleys for the hardcore, and dirt bikes for the adventurers. Regardless of the one you choose its always sure to make you happier when you're on it.

    One thing is for sure, Motorcycles are the best! We love them, you love them, the world would be worse off without them!

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