Brrr it is cold outside…. -7°c or 19°f for those of you in the states. On the bike at 100km/h or about 60 in real speeds it feels like -5°f or -20°c, for those who don’t know it that is very cold! It is lucky that the roads are dry and it is good and sensible planning on my part to have invested in good kit.  Normally you get what you pay for and over the years I have invested wisely, a fact I was happy about today as I rode in to work.

That brings me to today’s topic, work, or more specifically what jobs can you get in motorcycling ?

I have been lucky, at one point I managed to combine my love of bikes with paid work. I was a mechanic working in a friends business for about 2 years.  I am totally untrained in any formal manner, so it was definitely who I knew, not what I know, that got me that job.  Unless you have a mate with a bike shop you are not going to be able to go through that route any longer.  Speaking from experience being a mechanic was a great job, full of good laughs and challenges. It is skillful and you need to be intelligent but it is certainly a job I would recommend as in the long run it has saved me  $1000’s in garage bills, for both the bikes and the cars.

Another option is to get into the sales side of things. For me this has never appealed as I tend to look at anybody who wants to sell me anything with a great deal of suspicion.  I guess a good salesman is one who does not provoke this and I imagine it is not something that is learnt,  more something you are born with.

But those are the obvious, less than glamorous end of the market, how about motorcycle courier?  This has to be one of the easiest jobs to get and one of the toughest to succeed at.  To get it all you need is your own bike and a disregard for your own safety.  To succeed you need to be organized, fast and have a vast knowledge of the quickest way from A to B. Oh, and be able to deal with the knowledge that your driving license is probably going to take a few heavy hits.  You do however get to meet a lot of cute receptionists and the pay is not bad…if you can hack it.

Of course you could go the other route and become a motorcycle trainer. Think of the feeling of pride when you help another young hopeful fulfill their dream of riding a bike.  It might not be sexy but like any teaching job it is probably very rewarding…but it is also full of Day-Glo jackets, idiots who should not be there and soggy rainy days standing and watching...maybe not eh?

I can see that this is a subject that will run and run, much like the saga of my exhaust pipe which has still not arrived, in fact since I last posted according to DHL it has been delivered to me twice, sent back to the supplier and they have also been unable to find it…Still!  I live in hope of its arrival, but I also live in hope of meeting Megan Fox which I am beginning to think is more likely!

Just in case you don't know who i am talking about 
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Stay safe


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