You shouldn't have favorites but.....

You shouldn't have favorites but.....

As I lay there in bed last night, unable to sleep, possibly because of my better half snoring beside me, I started to think. No not about that, about the other thing, motorcycles!

“What am I going to buy next, what is the best bike, what color should it be”? (The correct answer is black)

And then I got hooked on

“Of all the motorcycles I have owned, which is my favorite?”

This thought, as I am sure you know, is a deeply personal thing. It is not about the best bike, it is about the favorite bike and that is a totally different kettle of fish!

So I lay there, in the dark, pondering…my first bike, an RS 100 Yamaha, nope, it was a dog.

RD250 Motorcycleow about the RD250, the air cooled not the “modern” liquid cooled one? That was one hell of a good bike, it was on that bike that I got the pegs down for the first time and started to learn about the pleasures of buying after market go faster goodies, a pair of Micron expansion chambers and a set of rear sets.


GPZ550 MotorcycleOr maybe the Gpz550, my first “big” bike? On this bike I started to travel, roaming round the UK every weekend, pitching a tent on some strange and lost piece of land for a party with other like minded individuals. I made so many good friends on this bike, most of them I still party with, but, in the end the bike itself doesn’t stand out, it is with hindsight a bit bland.

There are so many, maybe I am coming at this from the wrong direction? How about the bike I have now, everyone knows that the most recent bike you own is the best? That is what I told her indoors when I wanted to buy it “It is will do all the other one does AND it will be cheaper in the long run”. That in turn makes me wonder why did I keep the one before it then, and the one before that?

ZXR Track BikeI am a serial bike collector, it is not deliberate, I would sell them, maybe, if the price was right, but. The ZXR track bike, bought new, ridden into the ground, rebuilt, left to rot, rebuilt and thrashed again , my 35 year old Z1100 work horse, never lets me down, rain or shine, or the ……

Who am I kidding, there is only one answer to this question, err, umm, actually no, there are two.

Here goes, big drum roll please, my favorite bike is my Triumph Speed Triple. It is, without any shadow of a doubt, the best bike I have ever ridden on the road. Fast and forgiving, stylish, and cool; hell it is English, of course it is cool! It has character, it is a hooligan on two wheels, it is impractical, impressive, FUN…..and it is the bike I bought with money my dad left me when he died. You guys ride, and so you know all about emotion, and every time I start that bike I remember him.

Hanging in the country side with my bike!


And answer number two?

The bike I am on at the time…obvious really!

Stay safe


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