you've got mail

you've got mail

I can’t remember the last time I received a hand written letter. I love to open the envelope and see that someone cares enough to write to me.  However I don’t think I would be so happy to have received this letter in my mail box when I got home from work.


We asked some of our readers how they would reply to it, the responses were interesting.  

As motorcyclists we have a natural bond to each other. It is us against the world, whatever we ride, whatever we do in our lives, the bond is there.  It is obvious that most people replying to this letter wanted to side with the biker, they really wanted to but the fact that it was a 2.45am o’clock wakeup call every morning really did not sit well for them. They could sympathize with the neighbors, hell, I can empathize with them, my neighbor leaves home at 5.45 every morning and wakes up my wife who is then grumpy with me!   So,  is it at all possible to write a reply defending his actions…I’ll give it a go….but please allow for some artistic license, I am making it up as I go along after all!

Dear neighbor

Thank you so much for your note, it came as a pleasant surprise when I came home after a long day at work.  You may wonder why I am thanking you for said note? The reason is that it allows me to mention a subject that has bothered me for some time.  I work at the nuclear power station just off the interstate and you must have realized by now that I work some very unsociable hours.  Surprisingly I am not just waking up at 2.45am and starting my bike to annoy you, I am actually getting up to go to work to monitor the safety mechanisms on the plant.   It is an important job that is heavy on responsibility, after all it is not just my life that is concerned, it is yours and our neighbor’s as well.  It is therefore fairly obvious that a good night’s sleep is important to me and so I would really appreciate it if you could please stop your noisy BBQ’s and prevent your kids from screaming in the street  after 8pm. If it helps you can think of it as your civic duty, aiding me to keep this town, state and country a lot less radioactive.

As for your question, as to whether it is actually necessary to warm my bike up in the mornings then the answer is yes.  I don’t know if you realize but I actually ride an old Harley Davidson that used to belong to my father.   Modern engines are quite capable of just being started up and driven off; the advances in lubrication and materials technology have just about done away with the need to warm an engine up. My Harley on the other hand uses oil that is somewhat thicker than modern bikes, its gaskets and engine casings are also made of older materials and these need to be a certain temperature to mate together correctly, otherwise under strain they could start to leak and contaminate the environment and risk leaving oil on the road which could cause an accident.

I hope this has answered your concerns regarding my morning habits. They are, as I am sure you understand now, quite justified.  I am looking forward to your co-operation concerning your children and parties so that I can get a good night’s sleep before work; it is after all in your best interests that I am well rested.

 Stay safe

H Simpson

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