A step too far

A step too far

Sometimes you wonder why you do things, other times you know just why you are doing them but wish you didn’t have to and sometimes you do them just because it is necessary.  

Saturday, 7am, freezing weather, and I am standing outside a supermarket with about a 100 others, shivering , blowing on frozen fingers and  laughing a bit as we wait to head off for a road junction. This is a time when I felt that my presence was necessary but I wish I didn’t have to because nothing would normally get me up at that time on a cold and frosty morning.

The French people it seems are getting more than a little fed up with their government that promised no tax increases. Of course you might say they should know better when they voted them in, after all politicians are not famous for keeping their promises but technically the government has not put up personal taxes. What they have been doing however is steadily increasing taxes on purchases, most notably fuel.  The price of a gallon is getting close to $7 over here and basically people have had enough and have decided to protest which is why we were freezing our balls off in a supermarket car park. At the appointed hour,  7.30am we headed off to the junction on the motorway that we were going to man and proceeded to pass a very pleasant day in the sun. We had a BBQ and music, a fire to keep us warm and most of the people we held up on their journeys were sympathetic to the cause. Unfortunately it didn’t pass that way everywhere and one person was killed and quite a few others injured in various heated exchanges and confrontations as a quarter of a million people took to the roads to protest.

Of course it will probably do fuck all to change anything, the government has already announced more increases for early next year and so that protestor may well have died in vain and that would be truly sad.

On a brighter note, Norton has produced a couple of new bikes and these ones are not only beautiful and desirable but they are affordable to. The new Atlas Nomad, which I prefer and the Atlas Ranger are 650 parallel twins producing 84bhp . The Nomad is more road orientated and costs £9995 a little bit less than the  green lane orientated Ranger, £11,995.  Norton say that the Ranger is not a motocrosser,  but it is a true off roader whereas the Nomad is capable of farm tracks and the like but us happier on the road. This of course means I need both of them…Father Christmas are you listening?

Finally, if you ever needed a good excuse to join the Dubai police then here it is. They have started training on Hoverbike S3’s which are capable of flying at 5m altitude at 60 mph. Ok it is not that fast, or high and they don’t have much range yet, but it is for real and…they are hoverbikes, what more of an excuse do you need?

Time to go and relax…

Stay safe