Motorcycles are dangerous, no doubt about that, we know it but we do it anyway.  Over the years governments have legislated and companies have created safety devices and equipment to make them safer.  Most of the safety innovations are adapted from cars, traction control, ABS and even airbags...I honestly never thought I would see an airbag on a bike….but now Bosch has come up with something that is uniquely bike related. The idea Bosch have come up with is stabilizers! Luckily for us they are not the stabilizers that you might bolt on to a youngsters bicycle, they are slightly more advanced than that, which is lucky because otherwise I could see us all out on the streets protesting when some bright spark decided to make it a law that we should all have them.


 Instead of looking to training wheels as inspiration Bosch have looked elsewhere; to the world of rocket science in fact. Suddenly with those two words things seem a lot more reassuring don’t they? Sorry to crush your dreams but you can stop dreaming dreams of Saturn V powered bikes and think more about maneuvering jets.

and no again, sorry !

 Bosch’s sliding mitigation system as they like to call it, I prefer Sci-fi stabilizers, works like this….

 “A sensor detects sideways wheel slip. If a certain value is exceeded, gas is released from a gas accumulator of the type used in passenger-car airbags. The gas flows into the tank adapter and is vented in a certain direction through a nozzle. This reverse thrust keeps the motorcycle  on track. 

 Basically, if you lean over too far and the wheels start to slide a jet of compressed air will go off and push you upright again. The tires would grip again and you would be able to ride off into the sunset looking like you had just controlled a major slide. Unfortunately this would be a one shot item, it would then need recharging, just like an airbag system does, so dreams of being to throw your bike into corners without  thinking of the consequences are  still just dreams. 

 I suppose it is a good idea, but my first reaction was negative and for one reason only.  Once, many years ago I was forced to lay my bike down to avoid hitting the back end of a parked lorry. This system would have made me go head on into it and I wouldn’t be writing this now. Sometimes we need to be able to crash safely, to avoid even bigger ouches and this system might take that option away from us. 

 Like I said at the beginning, we know motorcycles are dangerous, and if we don’t we shouldn’t be riding them. Bikers are some of the most danger aware and skilled users of the road systems of this planet, we have to be to stay alive.  For me, although this is a good idea in principle, it could possibly give a false sense of security that would eat away at our life saving paranoia that everyone else on the road is out to get us…just my thoughts.


Stay safe