Warm isn't it?

Warm isn't it?

It is glorious weather outside, the sun is beating down, the sky blue as , well a very blue thing and the temperatures are soaring. It is the weather people who don’t ride motorbikes dream of for those people they know who do.  Yep, sometimes the weather can be a little bit too good and it brings with it dangers that we as motorcyclists realize but others don’t.

Firstly, while others think of the open road and wind in our hair, we are thinking get me away from this traffic and let me breath again……I am melting! There are some dangers right there, the extra hot weather might just make us think that we can forget some of our protective gear. That is never a good idea; or rather it is a brilliant idea right up to the moment it is a seriously bad one.  Maybe leaving gloves off will let air shoot up your arms and cool you, but imagine the sticky mess inside the jacket when you slide along on your unprotected hands.  See, that is another danger, people in cars are less aware when the weather is hot.  They have the air-conditioning on and music drowning that out, and they, like you, are looking at the very cute member of the opposite sex who is wearing a lot less than usual. Or they are melting in a metal oven, kids screaming and losing patience with the world around them. Either way it is scenario that explains why people are a lot less aware in baking hot weather.

Please god no !

Then there is you and I, hot, sweaty and frustrated we are more prone to taking risks, just so we can get away and get some slightly cooler air flowing over us. We might go for a gap that we wouldn’t usually or just be that little pushier about filtering, you all know the score.

Finally we get out on the open road, surely now life is perfect, a ribbon of tarmac stretching into the distance, a cooling wind and not a cloud in the sky? Of course it is, it is what we dream of …but we still need to be aware of those hidden dangers and they are pretty well hidden.  We think of warm tires and dry roads as being perfect, but what happens when the road gets too hot? Yep, you’ve got it, the tar starts to melt, especially on those ribbons they use to patch up cracks and in extremes lumps of road surface can be lifted by heavy traffic.  Those ribbons of tar can be as slippery as ice and that change of rod surface can appear on any of your favorite corners and that can ruin a rather good day. Oh, and just to add one more downer to my ever growing list, don’t forget to rehydrate.  If you have a pee and it is dark in color, drink water, in fact drink plenty of water anyway because dehydration can really ruin your concentration and we all know that our brains are probably the best safety equipment we own.

Of course , this weather is great, and the dangers just replace some of those others we are more used to, get out there and enjoy it all while it lasts.

Stay safe


Oh and this just in, Ducati are planning something for the 7th of July 2017 at the Laguna Seca circuit. Life is nothing without a little mystery!