Gear Shift Pattern - High Top Shoes

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If it’s good enough for a tattoo it’s good enough for a shoe! Cover your feet and display a gear pattern only two wheeled lovers will know! These aren’t the backwards GP Shift shoes so all you normal shift type users will appreciate these awesome High Tops! They are awesome because the normal non-bike riding person will have no clue why you have numbers on your shoe but if a fellow enlightened one spots you out wearing a pair of these they may stop you and strike up a conversation about motorcycles. Look at that, these shoes will help you make new friends, which is always a great thing. So if you’re looking for more people to ride with, you need to buy these shoes!


  • Full canvas double sided print
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit
  • Soft textile lining for maximum comfort
  • high-quality and exceptional durability