ATTENTION: All MotoMinds Orders placed after May 31st, 2019 will NOT ship out until July, 1st, 2019

MotoMinds Owners_Jacob and Brittany


Hello and first off, thank you for being an awesome MotoMinds customer. As you can see from the title, we will not be able to ship out any orders placed after May 31st, 2019 until July 1st, 2019. We know that you may be upset or wondering "why?". Well, we promise we have a good reason!
As some of you may know (if you're a loyal MotoMinds customer), our names are Jacob and Brittany and we are the owners of MotoMinds. We are a small business that started in Florida and has now moved to Texas, New Mexico, and, pretty soon, South Carolina. Which brings us to the reason why your orders will not be shipped out until July 1st. We are moving...again! 
We are a military family and, as many of you may know, the military likes to move you around...A LOT! So, Uncle Sam has told us that we must make the long trek to South Carolina which means we have a big move ahead of us. This also means that our small business will be packed in boxes for about a month and we won't be able to ship any of your orders out until we get settled in to our new home.
Thank you in advance for your patience during our move. We will still be active on social media, email, and phone so, if you need anything, feel free to reach out. You are also still able to place your orders through our site but REMEMBER: Your order will NOT ship out until July 1st, 2019!